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Perfect for wee puppy bows great template for making wee puppy bows. A brilliant device should have one ages ago!!! The loops and knot should be perfectly even. For left-handed instructions, all 'left' and 'right' directives are switched. Step 11 To create tiny bows, use a fork with an even number of tines as a template.

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Bow Easy Mini Portable Bow Maker Template Makes 7 Different Sizes of Bows | eBay

I can find a fork but have lost my Bow Easy template. It took me a while to get a really good bow made on the Bow Easy. I LOVE that you did a video for us lefties! I make my bows using a lift comb with the center tooth removed to make an even number of teeth. Pull the ribbon through, and bring it up below the ribbon loop in the same groove.

Wrap the ribbon once completely around the template, making sure to keep it flat temlate any twists. Best Selling in Mini Bows See all.

And I love how you explained about the multiple bows too! They asked me to hold my two index fingers up with the other fingers in fists. Try this technique, then upload your artwork to the gallery.

Bow Easy Mini Portable Bow Maker Template Makes 7 Different Sizes of Bows

Most relevant reviews See all 6 reviews. It's really only for synthetic fibers, opposed to natural.

Custom made rubber stamps. Leave a tail of about 3"-4" hanging past the left edge of the template, and hold it in place with your left hand. It was just what I needed!

Like many others, I rarely use my Bow Easy because Templtae been doing it all wrong! Take care not to overheat the ribbon, as it can melt or burn. Same thing with the fork technique. Ha I'll have to look it up because I'm sure it would help with my bows. I am so pleased with this bow maker. Slide the bow straight off the template. I found a set of 3 at Walgreens.

Step 6 Slide the bow straight off the template. For the photo, the fork is secured on a shelf under some heavy boxes. For a multi-loop bow: Step 4 Pull the left tail up and the right tail down, tightening the ribbon around the template and tightening the twist at the center.

Would buy it again if needed.

Bow-Easy™ Basics

Pull the ends out straight to the sides to tighten the bow. If the bkw is synthetic, lightly heat the center with a heat tool just until it begins to crinkle.

Please watch the video below for clarity.

Sometimes I feel so clumsy trying to mimic certain things! Skip to main content. Step 5 Exsy the ends right over left, and tie a knot, keeping the ribbon wrapped tight around the template. And a big thank you for the left-handed video. Step 9 Pull the loops evenly to separate and round them.

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