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Some critics have argued the film is Allen's response or tribute to the Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named Desire , as it shares a very similar plot and characters. Apparently, to each, their own. It's narratively uneven but the occasional lapses of focus are rescued by Cate Blanchett's riveting lead performance. Surprisingly good drama from Woody Allen about post-traumatic life that make an ex-housewife struggle to pick up the pieces about the life that she had before.. You have to dig deep in Allen's back catalogue to find a single performance as affecting and well-judged as the one Cate Blanchett delivers.

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September 22, Rating: Jssmine step-son Danny Alden Ehrenreich dropped out of Harvard and cut himself off completely from Jasmine, believing her to be complicit in Hal's crimes.

The film had a limited release on July 26,in New York and Los Angeles, before expanding wide on August 23, She takes a taxi to her sister Ginger's Sally Hawkins apartment, where Ginger is dismayed to learn that Jasmine traveled first class despite claiming to be broke.

Bobby Cannavale as Chili. David Denby of The New Yorker stated that "in all, this is the strongest, most resonant movie Woody Allen has made in years".

Retrieved November 18, Woody Allen's movies have never appealed to me, as they have always come across as a tiny bit artsy and often unsatisfactory. View All Blue Jasmine News. Peter Sarsgaard as Dwight. Some critics have argued the film is Allen's response or tribute to the Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named Desireas it shares a very similar plot and characters. Dwight is a diplomat aspiring to become a Congressman. More Top Movies Trailers Forums.

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Blue Jasmine received praise from critics, particularly for Blanchett's performance. There really is no light at the end of this dark tunnel! The New York Times. Dwight is impressed by her stylishness and invites her to decorate his new home. Max Casella as Eddie.

Season 3 The Walking Dead: It couldn't go wrong. While Blanchett's solo scenes of more alpen insanity are flashier, I think the scenes between the sisters are more interesting. August 25, Full Review…. Retrieved May 12, She wants to take online courses, but having no computer skills, she decides to take a class in computers to gain basic proficiency.

March 6, Rating: September 17, Rating: Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine finds the director in peak wooody form -- and benefiting from a superb cast led by Cate Blanchett. Jasmine and Chili needle each other, and Jasmine is furious when Ginger takes his side. Truly deserve all the credit and the awards awarded to her.

Andrew Dice Clay as Augie. She considers becoming an interior designer because of her "great taste" and past experience in decorating her homes. Dwight is outraged that Jasmine lied to him and calls off the engagement.

Filmography Bibliography Awards and nominations. When he tries to assault her, she fights him off and quits. November 4, Rating: A Reinvention in 'Blue ' ".

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