Good bye my lover

In the weeks leading up to me leaving for school three hours away from home , I had decided that we were going to break up because I waned to meet new people and all that stuff. General Comment He sings this song with such emotion its so beautiful, u can really feel his pain especially at the end when he sings 'im so hollow baby', ive felt like that after a particularly bad break up. CD1 includes an exclusive non-album recording, "Close Your Eyes", which was first written during Blunt's army days. And yeah, it's the most personal song on Back To Bedlam.

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Goodbye My Lover

No Replies Log in to reply. This is the song she asked me to listen to.

The hye was formally released in the United States on 7 November The 7" vinyl includes the live version of "Where Is My Mind". I couldn't bare to not have her in my life. In the United States, "Goodbye My Lover" had modest success on the Billboard singles chart, where it reached number 66 on the Billboard Hot due to digital downloads, even though the single was not myy released in the US. The single was released on three physical formats.

Switzerland Schweizer Hitparade [15].

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Retrieved 27 June She hated my friends, my friends hated her, she didn't like that I spent time with other girls nothing she needed to worry about You are just left hollow and empty. I couldn't bare to be without her.

In the video Blunt is featured sitting in a darkened room by himself, reflecting on a past relationship. Outside of the UK, the song was also successful. Flag jeanraymond on July 04, Whereas ' You're Beautiful ' is about a moment, one second in time of passing that person, the song 'Goodbye My Lover' is about a jy worth of emotion, the fact that that relationship is over, and that life continues.


I'm trying to remember what the date was, because it was around now - and I remember thinking it was too soon. The young man in the video was played by Matt Dallas. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Isn't the internet incredible!

Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt - Songfacts

The final part that hit me and its my favourite part of the song, is this, "And I still hold your hand in mine. There was an error. It's simply about how utterly heartbroken, devastated and ripped apart he felt when he wrote it.

All of his songs he writes himself and are about his real - life expeariences and what he's been through.

Did I disappoint you or let you down? Even woke up several days because she was on my dream.

It also reached the top ten in SwedenAustralia and France. This song is about a girl Blunt dated, but he wrote it years after the relationship ended.

Pover i first ym the song i adopted the universal assumption at first, that two lovers were together, but it didnt work, of coarse with different variables. Come the second verse, "I'd be the father of your child. After he bares hes soul on judgement day hell greet her when he passes on too in a loving position where he kneels at her feet So, now, the tables have turned.

James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover Lyrics | SongMeanings

It's just so beautifully honest; when he says things like 'I know your smell I cannot live without you" Had she not passed on, hes talking about how things would have been, having a family, growing old together etc.

For the Korean television series, see Goodbye My Love. In mine when I'm asleep.

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