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Modern Plugins by Antress. The more you help people out, the more they will beat you for. They have new updates and some new plugs! I don't know what the hell it did to my kick drum but it sounds HUGE! If you can clearly hear the effect, you're overusing it.

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Jonbouy Sorry for all you folks who had the 'ah ha! Originally Posted by Guy Gabriel. Just had another play around with my new toys. I'd be interested to hear you give it a try. Judging from the website, Anfress think people are stuck with bridging it for now.

There are a ton of them and because of that, I have them all, and have not had a chance to try even half of them. I am amazed by it in fact.


The last time I tried them they sounded horrible, Might have to try again Some of them - such as the Mofern 'limiter' are also capable of some really fine 'dirt' sounds. Another cool thread Matt. Linear Phase Max Output Level: New Antress Modern Plugs version, Free The ProChannel eq couldn't get near it!

I think that's all part of the fascination of the subject there's so many new things to be discovered along the way and each time it brings new antrezs and ways of working into play. Download link is dead.

BlackWinny 4 Mofern at Talk about a relatively small company which releases plug-ins by the dozen - always gave me the feeling that they might be cutting a few corners They really do work a lot differently.

Antress Modern Plugins - For those who don't have them yet Just had a bit of a play around with these. That is by far - the Nebula although some earlier versions of this plugins tended to add distortion instead of Harmonic distortion, and they can be very buggy at times the new version of modern amplifier - LA2A clone crashes the daw but they are kodern and useful plugins that you can mix an album and a hit records with them been there, done that.

I wish Antress had real parameter enumeration on the knob values - most are just a scale of number of some sort. modsrn

Antress Modern Plugins - For those who don't have them yet

Some make the plugis draw out long. I'd like to hear more reports as they come in - I would like to give them a shot at some point. And you can download the plugins from the "Download Here" link at the top.

The Noodlist 25 December at 1: That's a really long-winded way of saying, 'These VSTs rock! AndrewZGN 29 February at You need an account to post a reply. Hi someone can create a new download link of the Moeern Modern Plugins bundle the download link from your blog is broken thanks i am from brazil.

KVR: Modern Plugins by Antress - Bundle VST Plugin

Developer link blogspot works for download. I got these a few weeks back, and I really like them. Rumour is that they're going to go 'pro' at some point, and as a result these will no longer be free. Use wayback machine and also search KVR forums.

User Control Panel Log out. These are great plugins. Where can I download the plugins?

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