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The official app's development process seems pretty slow and they're neglecting a lot of simple QoL additions. Now YouCam does not work and I need to fix it, but cannot figure it out how. If I mouseover someone's reply now and again 5 minutes later, why do I need to see the animation the second time?

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I heard it was some sort of exploit. Submit a new post. I'm not really sure. You have the option to globally disable embeds. Any NSFW or objectionable content will be removed. Or you know, you could just ask them to change it because it could cause seizures? The avatar creation is. No advertising, self-promotion, spamming, selling, trying to buy, trading, or begging.

So this would need to be avoided. This thing is possible on the older version of skype. This is NOT abusive. Just gimme a checkbox on their profile card. This is how it looks in Windows If you want just the CSS, sktpe another similar plugin called BeautifulDiscord that only does that without any of the other junk. I am guessing you are reffering to BetterDiscord when you are saying WorseDiscord, but why?

I have a design aesthetic that I like, not going to beg the company to follow it. What I would be gf with though is the ability for moderators on a server to set a user's avatar locally for that server, just like they can set the nickname, with similar permission sets. What are you on about?

Skype extras, skype emoticons: Animated GIF Avatar in Skype

P while worsediscord isnt as funny. The solution to abuse is moderating, it always avataes be. Yes you can do that, you can make an animated gif in your old skype then people on new skype will able to see the animation. Because many restrictions on bots and users are caused by people using BD to spam.

Skype Profile Pictures As Gifs

Type your question here. If an avatar could simply be changed back in the same way, moderators being able to change the avatar would not achieve very much.

Please help us improve our content by removing questions that are essentially the same and merging them into this question. Abuse is abuse, this is why moderators exist.

How to use Giphy with Skype for Web | Skype Support

Go and check the options in the settings. Want to add to the discussion?

I right click said user then select "disable animated avatar". If you're feeling a little adventurous, let fate take over by sending your friend a random GIF based only on a word or phrase.

If the solution to all abuse is to add ways to disable or obfuscate the features being abused, Discord would take a bad turn in design.

Better use Avatar with the square shape 85h85rh, hrh, hrh And again I say, do not leave to go constantly - a few minutes, enough to impress someone - for example to put the beating heart with the name of your girlfriend. Someone has a profile with a gif avatar.

It would be really heplfull to know the dates of the posts, thanks. I would say adding a way to ignore it is just as much of a non-solution. Enable the Camera access and then locate the application in the list.

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