Ds 230 instructions

If you have previously traveled to the United States, list all instances in box 35 and use additional sheets if you need more space. You will also have to file a DS form, which explains who will be your Choice of Agent. Enter your email address to stay current on legal news and receive special offers Email Thank you for joining our mailing list! Once you receive the I Notice of Action, you will be eligible to file the DS application, but you should begin filling it out and gathering necessary paperwork beforehand. Box 30 requires that you provide all the places you have lived in the past 6 months, but not before the applicant's 16th birthday.

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The third sheet is to be used as a sworn statement to certify your application. Sign the Part I form only.

Sign the end of the second sheet. You will also have to file a DS form, which explains who will be your Choice of Agent. In this application, you swear that yourself and each person immigrating with you:. Read through box 40 and indicate if any of the situations apply to you.

Children, who are able to, should sign their own forms and the parents of children under 16 should also sign the child's name and write "by father or mother ", whichever is appropriate. Certify the remaining questions in a truthful manner and certify the DS Form with your signature and the signature of the consular officer.

Filing a US Immigrant Visa Application (DS)

Aliens under 14 years of age or one physically incapable of completing an application may be executed by the alien's parent or guardian, or, if the alien has no parent or guardian, by any person having legal custody of, or a legitimate interest in, the alien. DO NOT leave any question unanswered. Boxes 12 through 28 require more biographical data about the applicant, which must be provided. You must use the exact spelling and name order indicated in your passport.

That signature is towards the bottom of page 4.

Consulates in India Visa Bulletin. While you only have to fill out a single Part I form, you must submit a Part II form for each dependent family member or child immigrating with you as istructions as for yourself.

All documents must be originals or certified copies. Common documents include up-to-date non-expired birth and marriage certificates and passport-size photographs. Part II of the immigrant visa application is a sworn statement made by the main applicant.

Provide your name, current address, birth information, nationality, gender, and marital status in boxes 1 through 9.

You may also have to attach other documentation to your DS application. In box 29, you must list the names, birth information, and addresses of all children, whether they live with you or not. Original signature is required.

Form DS - Part I and II: Immigrant Visa Application Forms

This includes all parts of questions 22 and Department of State for immigrants who wish to permanently move to the United States. The first step in completing the form is to fill out the general name and contact information for the applicant. Begin with your current residence and list in chronological order all other residences. Fill in boxes 10 or 11 with these addresses if known at the time you are completing the form.

Immigrant visa form DS has two parts: The form is in two parts and must be filed after you file paperwork for your particular visa category. Printer Friendly Send to Friend.

Filing a US Immigrant Visa Application (DS-230)

Thank you for joining our mailing list! Part I and Part II. Check the appropriate boxes for your answer. If you need inetructions space, you may attach additional papers to the DS Form Instead write "none" or "never". Complete ALL sections of the application forms. In box 32, list all of your occupations in the past 10 years.

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