Cardio power and resistance insanity

Keep your core tight, and finish it off! Then, with twenty seconds to go, lift one of your legs right into the sky. Sprint in place, arms pumping, and every time Shaun T calls out, you leap high as if over an invisible lateral hurdle.

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If you are doing the exercise correctly, meaning, your hands are touching the floor with each hop and you are raising them over your head at the highest point of the hop, it will not be easy. Bend over and make an inverse V using your body. Before the second circuit begins, you get a second water break.

Insanity Review: Cardio Power & Resistance –

You insanit feel it all over your lower body but mostly in the calves. The moving helps to blast the chest, shoulders, and arms. Land in the squat position and repeat. You get thirty second water breaks between each set, and the main workout, while pretty brutal, spreads the exercises evenly between lower and upper body, so no one area gets taxed unduly.

Do push ups, lowering your powet to the ground, using your shoulders, keeping your back and legs straight. Warm Up Warm up starts nice and slow.

Insanity Review: Cardio Power & Resistance

You are running from left to right, taking about steps each way. The Main Workout consists of two different sets of moves, each set repeated three times, and is finished off by a brutal final minute in which you go all out with a really tough combo.

Then jump back to standing and repeat the hops. Do you want results, or do you want to get hung acrdio about the personality of a person who you will likely never meet?

Without stopping, Shaun T will tell you to raise one leg as high as possible, then the other leg as you perform the caddio.

One leg leads and the other follows.

Go deep, lead with your chest when pushing into a stretch and not your head. Final Brutal Killer Last Minute: Immediately straighten your body and leap upwards.

Do this until the time runs out or your body quits. Then, with twenty seconds to go, lift one of your legs right into the sky.

As always, the Insanity warmups are a workout themselves. Then jump back into plank and do eight pushups. If you are learning good technique and getting great results, who cares?

Pushups, but each time you go down, move to the side. You should recognize this one from the Fit Test.

INSANITY Workout Review: Cardio Power & Resistance

Lower and push resiztance with your arms. Return to top of page. This works your shoulders. It will bring the burn to your gluts and quads.

On the last step, bring one leg as close as possible to your chest. The stretches are not the same ones you learned in grade school, so get ready for a resistande of balancing and a lot of discomfort. All of them are Insanity graduates. Get on all fours, the same as the V Push Up, but lower your but into a crouch.

INSANITY Workout Review: Cardio Power & Resistance

All of them are ripped. Keep form, keep tight, and take a break if you need it! Get onto all fours, stomach to the sky, and make sure your finger tips are facing your heels, elbows are back, and lower your residtance to the ground and back up, using your triceps to control your movement. Your hands should be one end of the V and your toes are the other end.

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