Dogfight pc games

Not a Steam game, and don't know what anyone else's opinions on it are, but I have been playing Aces High for a couple years now. It's an arcadey flight-action game similar to Crimson Skies. Steam client or server issues.

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Space sims can do both, Freespace 2 seems to be one although i've only played the demo of it back in the day, Is Starlancer a dogfighter too?

Pretty much what these two said. Those, the Wing Commander games, and Freespace 2 are the gold standards, and they all either support or outright require a flight stick.

Tom Clancy's HAWX is a pretty dogfigyt if short flight game, never played the second so I can't say if it's as good as the first I hear it isn't. Each plane takes at least a few months to produce, so it's justifiable.


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It doesn't have the globe-spanning sweep of Microsoft Flight Simulator, but it renders its own little corner of the world with admirable gamex. A reboot of the Ace Combat series which adds flyable helicopters, destructible environments, and a cinematic pursuit system called "Close Range Assault". The base game DCS odgfight is free, and comes with two aircraft, the SU jet doggfight the PD TF mustang, both are fairly accurate representations of their real world counterparts. This is a 2-seat training version of the P, and it is unarmed.

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Il-2 is your best bet for a more realistic WWII flight sim that's still accessible without memorizing a ton of keys or cockpit switches. Generic Content This includes, but is not limited to the dogfigut below: They get really salty.

The game itself won't change. This is one of those simulations that reminds you why you love the genre.

I've surprised several people by telling them about it on these forums. At least you've heard of it.

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Apache First Released Jul 31, released. Second that, even though it's quite ancient by now. You unlock new parts as you go and the enemy resistance becomes more fierce the more you kill. It gimped the Tie Advanced.

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Quality Basic requirements dohfight quality standards URL shorteners are not allowed. For fun is Luftrausers. Most people who list the series like that and leave it out do so because they honestly don't know it exists.

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Best PC Flight Games

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