Acl desktop 9.2

Web design Kooka Creative. We may also use third party cookies, such as Google and Oracle to help improve our visitor analysis. The reorganized online User Guide is now easier to use with step-by-step procedures to help users do more. Saturday, October 1, Comments None.

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Providing a unique and powerful combination of data aces, analysis and integrated reporting, ACL Desktop reads and compares enterprises data allowing the source data to remain intact for complete data quality and integrity.

ACL Analytics Update – ACL v | DataConsulting

Join Command — Tables can now be joined using non-identical key fields, they will now automatically 99.2 harmonised by ACL when the Join is defined. Security measures to ensure integrity of data — Desktop features read-only access to all enterprise data, source data is never changed, altered or deleted.

The latest version of ACL Analytics has now been released and is available to all current users receiving premium or standard support. The reorganized online User Guide is now easier to use with step-by-step procedures to help dwsktop do more. All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy.

Saturday, October 1, Comments None. See more, learn more. Click to accept DataConsulting cookies. ACL Desktop Key Benefits Automatically import data from multiple platforms — ACL Desktop integrates seamlessly with existing systems to ensure the safe and timely transition of transactional data.

This will provide improved troubleshooting and superior command logging for dekstop much improved script and analytic development environment.

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Desktop expands the depth and breadth of your transactional analysis, increases your personal productivity, and gives users the confidence in their findings. Subscribe to our Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter to always be up to date!

Web design Kooka Creative. This reduces the need to manually apply expressions or create computed fields as tables using fields of different field types and lengths can now be joined. ACL Advanced Course.

Mailing List Subscribe to our newsletter. ACL Introductory Course.

The updated version has a number of significant improvements to the tool along with corrections for over 50 pre-existing issues from the previous version along with other significant enhancements.

With more than improvements to the user interface, ACL Analytics 9. Enhanced Logging Capability — ACL Analytics now provides the ability to capture significantly more detail in its log, including changes to ACL options, creation or modification of computed fields, and modifications to tables. You can find the full release notes here. Import from and export to Excel and Excel OK Click here to refuse third party non functional cookies.

Enriched Online Help Content and Documentation — Context sensitive Help has been expanded with deeper explanations of topics and dsktop ability to drill-down for more details.

ACL Desktop

We ac also use third party cookies, such as Google and Oracle to help improve our visitor analysis. User Interface Improvements — More than changes made to help make it more intuitive for new users including results in new tab and clearer fonts for easier reading, dual monitor support, greater use of control keys, mouse overs, etc.

ACL Desktop is recognised worldwide as the stand-alone data analytics software for audit, financial, risk and compliance professionals. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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