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No what I'm excited about is the fact it puts there where to go to turn in a quest. Don't know if this is related, but I do get error from CarboniteQuest when I log on. I personally use the full version of Carbonite.

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As I stated above, yes, QH will make some use of this information, but it will not replace QH's database, because most of the time, QH's data is better than what Blizz is providing. Where to go on the map for quest X to get object Carbonit or kill objective Z is all it does. Unfortunately probably not, in that, at least the last time they were supposedly doing this 3. When a player turns on the quest tracker, the add-on cabronite a mini-map on the side of his screen.

Send a private message to Arthinos. Mainly I do this when leveling an alt to get the idea of quest density of different areas of a zone, so I can get some efficiency out of the hel;er process. I usually use Carbonite but just seeing what is preferable by most. Works with Pettracker with no problems. Unlike the standard group quest interface, the Carbonite add-on allows the user switch back and forth between the group quest window and the individual quest window.

Find More Posts by xemm. Carbonite Quest combines features of the Cartographer and Quest Helper add-ons. My vote goes to LightHeaded.

In the end Carbonite is a lot more than just a questing addon. Map - The Carbonite map gives you all the information you need in one easy to use and flexible Google like map. Unfortunately not for too long QuestHelper R. Yelper miniature map in Carbonite map can help a person find the quickest way to his quest goals. All times are GMT.

Users can zoom in and out of areas on the map to get a better idea of where their characters are. Find More Posts by lordlundar.

No I just hang out on wowui when Zorba was chewing the cud over it.

"QuestHelper/Carbonite" - Blizzard Edition [Archive] - WoWInterface

Map - The Carbonite map gives you all the information you need in one easy to use and flexible Google like map. The WoW Carbonite Add-on replaces several carboniye extensions a player might use to enhance his gaming experience, including Quest Helper, Cartographer, and Gatherer. Both addons don't do just "this area of the map is where you need cadbonite go for this quest". Not present in Interface either Each thing Carbonite did, can be picked and chosen as you wish by installing it separately.

In order to do this, the player must let it download quest data for the character from the server. The XML code for the entire Carbonite suit uses a lot of computers memory. You can also use it to locate your friends or guild members in a battleground. Yep, all good other than the fact that Questhelper forces you to open your world map to see where all the flightpaths are leading you and to allow you to prioritize the quests.

I really love this addon, but this behavior is making it impossible to use. Both addons have a whole raft of features that I don't cxrbonite Blizzard implementing in a the default UI set anytime soon. My other point is this feature does not play the game for you. Let's set the record straight.

QuestHelper Vs. Carbonite Vs. ?

Because the Old World zones have changed considerably in the Cataclysm expansion, this quest information may no longer be useful to a player character. The time now is Includes the ability to import a special gathermate2 release which fully populates your list.

Slakah A Molten Giant.

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