Biology o level notes

This post can help you understand why adequate amounts of these nutrients are needed for overall health and prevention of disease. On the Wild Side Topic 6: The demographic impacts of famine are sharp.

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That is why the heart is constantly working, if it stops for a minute, the other levdl will not receive any oxygen or nutrients, thus the body fails and the person dies.

The following diagram shows the glands of a human body. At the CNS the electrical impulses travel through notex synapse to the relay neurone, which passes it onto the motor neurone.

Alcohol can be extremely dangerous when the user is in a situation in which they need fast reflex actions.

CIE O Level Notes

Treatment Adult treatment is usuallymg of ascorbic acid per day. When circular muscles contract they make the pupil smaller.

Alcohol is a depressant drug.

Asif November 2, at 9: Plant Biology Topic I thank you in advance for your kind comprehension. Sometimes, individual experiences muscle cramp. After a few hours, the sphincter which is a nktes valve opens allowing the food into the small intestine. Hamza Malhi 13 December at It helps in lowering the body viology in hot conditions by secreting it as sweat on the skin, the sweat evaporates using heat energy from the body, thus lowering the temperature.

However, positive phototropism can also be described as negative geotropism because it involves the plant growing in the direction opposite to gravity.

The bronchi are then divided bronchioles that extended deeper into the lungs. Some drugs however are abused by users to feel relaxed, or reach euphoria. Then the light penetrates the lens which refracts the ray a little more inwards focusing the light ray on the fovea.

To straighten your arm, the brain send electrical impulses to both muscles making the bi relax in order to leave the muscle it is attached to free. Carbohydrates and fats, for example, are used by the body to produce the energy humans require to stay alive and healthy and to grow and develop normally.

Really nice information you had provided here. The iris and pupil change their size to smiddle that happening. Some glucose will also be converted to fats as an energy reserve. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Their function is to transport blood to the heart from the body. Communication, Homeostasis and Energy Module 6: Treatment The treatment for malnutrition and for nutrient deficiency diseases is obvious: Animal Physiology Options A: As observed by the economist Amartya Sen, famine is sometimes a problem of food distribution and poverty.


Lactic acid is produced instead of ethanol, and no carbon dioxide is produced. The most known antagonistic muscle pair is the biceps and triceps ontes the arm. The total absence bioloyy agriculture in an economically strong area does not cause famine; Arizona and other wealthy regions import the vast majority of their food, since such regions produce sufficient economic goods for trade.

Seeds grow into plants by germinating. They are cells found in muscles in animals, they contract and relax together to move the organisms. Not only the oesophagus but actually along the alimentary canal It involves widening the lumen of blood vessels of the skin, this increases blood flow and rate of heat loss. CHD develops when cholesterol layers build on the walls of the coronary arteries, partially blocking the path of blood, thus this tissue of the heart is not supplied with oxygen nor nutrients, so it stops working properly.

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