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We allow you to create a login for every current student who you support directly. Can I create new activities with Boardmaker Online? Is it true I can really play activities on an iPad? Are there any work arounds? Is anyone getting a big white rectangle that almost covers the screen when you start up a file in

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We own this product, is there any a free code for Boardmaker Online or at least a discount code????

Boardmaker Australian/New Zealand Version 6 for Mac : Spectronics - Inclusive Learning Technologies

Much of the technology used in that software is out of date and will eventually not be supported by Microsoft and Apple. Is anyone getting a big white rectangle that almost covers the screen when you start up a file in Activities can play offline.

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I'm having the same problem with os Michelle Mitchell Robbins April 26, If it is that issue this workaround usually works for it. Boardmaker does not seem to support Mac computers anymore. It should save fine when doing it in that order. Boardmaker Software Family V.

Today I got a black frozen rectangle - same thing - it wouldn't move until I quite Boardmaker, then gone.

Very frustrating as it requires us to get out the external DVD drive again to launch the app and verify the disc again. Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies. Then immediately save it before doing anything to it. Will I have to buy symbols? I cannot downgrade my computer to Symbolate Tool — Just type and symbols appear in the new Symbolate button feature!

If you do click view and check and make sure the toolbars are still turned on. Your free membership can be upgraded to a Boardmaker Online subscription with access a host of amazing web-based services for creating, editing, assigning, printing, and playing activities online. Just choose the Symbolate Tool, click, and start typing-or copy and paste in a block of text.

Is Boardmaker version 5 for Mac compatible with Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard)?

I can't move it or close it but I can open other apps over it. Now you want me to pay for a Monthly Seat License? Sep 30, Mqc there be any Patches made to resolve this problem?

For instance, the toolbar is modeled after the v6 toolbar to help you feel at home, and the handy Project Panel will help you keep track of all the pages of an activity just like Boardmaker Studio.

I had to purchase a new computer and now my Boardmaker is very problematic. No I did not find this article helpful. It's a little hard to take when the software is meant to help kids communicate and sometimes we can't afford enough software for the classrooms.

The app allows a student or instructor to log in and play activities. Simply upload those activities to your account and fir them online. I don't see why you can't make a network or online version that is affordable, or offer a one time online price. You can create a new print activity from scratch or from a template and print them out from anywhere. Perhaps you don't care.

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