Helicopter flight simulator game

Get everyone to Safety Boat. Some of your flights may last more than a few minutes, but every second is important as you attempt to complete your designated mission. Play Super Pilot game. Ok Lead Pilot, are you ready to take on the task of piloting an entire aircraft fleet? Z to fire missile.

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Test the knowledge of these random aircraft interesting facts. Your aim is to defend the Power Core at all costs. Turn your engine on and prepare yourself for the Best Driving Games.

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Keeping focused and concentrated is vitally important as you attempt to keep your plane airborne for as long as possible. Let's test your flight skills!

Keep it nice and level so nobody gets hurt. No matter how the advanced technology is, there is always one element that is impossible to control: Can you escape with your spaceship in one piece?

Have you got the nerves of steel required to successfully handle this chopper Captain? You have to aim so that men fall into something soft. Your goal is to advance and destroy the oncoming enemy before they attack and infiltrate your base. Statistically speaking, flying is still the safest way to travel.

You break the doors and fly away. Heli attack 2 is about the bad guys in helicopters trying their best to shoot you. You have to build houses, fligjt and other structures with your load, as well as quenching forest fires and helping cars across ravines.

Now you are free! Cruise through the skies in your own helicopter.

To win this game you must complete each level. Core-defense Game is an air fighter shooting game for kids and teens.

Helicopter Flight Simulator 3D - Checkpoints

Move with Arrow Keys or Mouse. A steady hand and nifty fingers are very important, as you have to carefully guide your bomber plane through the air, strategically adjusting altitude, speed, and wing position in mid-flight. You need to display a canny knack of being able to dodge and weave your way around each obstacle course. You are our newest trainee pilot โ€” and we need your enthusiasm and assistance! Flight Simulator Boeing Sim is a very challenging online pilot sim game where you must fly and land a large commercial jet during a series of difficult flying tasks in a real world 3D simulation environment!

If so - Attention! Ok Lead Pilot, are you ready to take on the task of piloting an entire aircraft fleet? Have you got the piloting skills to take control of one of the most feared and powerful bomber planes of all time?

Now you only need to get way alive! Things you need to know about airports around the world. The controls of your hi-tech ship are extremely sensitive.

Helicopter Support SIM โ€“ Helicopter Simulation Games

While you navigate around collecting floating Power-ups red Fuel Cans and green Repair Kitsbe sure to avoid other flying obstacles such as balloons, helicopters, asteroids, and UFOs.

Safely land the helicopter within the time limit.

Calling all Top Virtual Pilots. You have to knock all the enemies down to await the next enemy wave. To move your copter forward and backward on the screen, simply move your mouse back and forth. While this would be difficult enough in the calmest of circumstances, you also have to contend with a ticking clock โ€” Time is absolutely of the essence here!

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