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A5 As a fully integrated Excel add-in program with its own toolbar and menus, Crystal Ball picks up where spreadsheets end by letting you perform Monte Carlo analysis a standard technique for simulating real-world situations involving elements of uncertainty. ARIMA is a flexible model that can be used for fitting and forecasting many of these series. Case Studies Tupperware India Pvt. It gives the user a direct interface to control simulations, instead of using the menu or toolbar.

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These events can be one-time occurrences, such as a major marketing program, or events that repeat on a regular basis, such as quarterly sales promotions. Select a pre-defined report or create your own crystxl report. Crystal Ball EPM allows users to connect to their Oracle backend to perform sophisticated calculations. Streamline risk and uncertainty analysis in your spreadsheets with this integrated toolset.

Finance, Operation and Project Management. Results are no longer?

Monte Carlo simulation randomly generates a range of values for assumptions that you define. Crystal Ball New Feature Guide. A new charting engine delivers amazing presentation-quality charts and reports.

See how you can build simulations models with Excel that are enterprise ready using Oracle Essbase and Planning. Analytics Training and Consulting. Optimization using Optquest and Crystal Ball.


crystla Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the US based Tupperware Corporation. The random behavior in games of chance — roulette wheels, dice, and slot machines — is similar to how Monte Carlo simulation crystl variable values at random to simulate a model.

What-if analysis always results in single-point estimates that do not indicate the likelihood of achieving any particular outcome. Online help is enabled via the F1 key, Help buttons, and Help menus in charts.

Monte Carlo Crystal Ball 7 Simulation Analysis Software India

It gives you unparalleled insight into the critical factors affecting risk. Crystal Ball can do that and much more.

There is no longer a Macro?

Add scalable methods for collaborating: There are many statistical distributions to choose from, or the user can enter a custom distribution.

Expanding on the concept of one person defining a distribution once and using it many times, Crystal Ball Case Studies Tupperware India Pvt. Event Forecasting Added to Predictor Predictor time-series forecasting now enables you to capture special events in the data and leverage your knowledge of similar future events to improve forecasts.

Categories are libraries of distributions.

Formulas can entered with arrays of values instead of separate formulas, like: How to use the Predictor add-in to quickly perform time series forecasting using 8 different methods. View stats and percentiles for all forecasts.

You can extract data from both forecasts and assumptions and extract multiple types of data. New Horizons in Predictive Modeling. New charting capabilities and an enhanced data view.

Oracle Crystal Ball Standard Edition

Furthermore, a new licensing system has been developed, making activating, upgrading, updating and registering your Crystal Ball product a much more pleasant experience. Crystal Ball automatically calculates thousands of different "what if" cases, saving the inputs and results of each calculation as individual scenarios.

Crystal Ball is easy to use and experienced Excel users should have a simulation running in 30 minutes or less.

The OptQuest feature of Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer can now handle single constraint formulas that define multiple constraints. It gives the user a direct interface to control simulations, instead of using the menu or toolbar. With Crystal Ball

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