Counter strike 1.6 plugins

Adds a slow motion effect on some action, such as C4 explosion, death Head Hunter SmokeGrenade v1. By default, there are twelve sprites available, which are:

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On a new map, the sky is changed by a predefined random sky a default sky, no extra precache required.

There are 2 cvars to limit how long the random timers limits go. There can be a combination of punishments that get applied to a player that camps too long. So, when hltv is connected, plugin will check minimal amount of players defined by the cvar and if it is not recording, it will start record.

It might be possible since the latest VALVe "crap" update fromFebruary, a few number of plugins don't work anymore, thanks to inform us. This plugin allows any player to access a menu that will allow them to choose between 4 jump types: There is nothing else to say! When becoming a VIP, you receive money for all of the items you had a moment ago sum of all items. FreshlyPikd Gameplay X-War 1. CS User Model Menuz. English, French, Turkish, Polish.

About the mods, when a plugin is compatible with Counter-Strike, that means CS 1.

AMXX Plugins & Mods

Some commands such as "status" can't be blocked. You dreamed of it?

Healthkit on dead body. Bunny Hop Abilities v0.

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Simple plugin that gradually allows you to hear again after being hit by a grenade. If you are out of ammo, instead of having to pick up another gun off the ground, pick up its ammo just by walking over it.

This plugin makes counterr possible. Damage by the amount of money 1. When you spawn, you will get free armor.

It has been rewritten in mass from the known v2 version, to make this v3!

A cvar is available to do not log him, that means, if disabled, a player who declined the rules could have a chance to agreed the rules at the next time, to be logged and The names of the models must be different than the default ones, otherwise players won't download them because they already have them on their computer. Allows to set up the weapons a Terrorist or a Striks gets srike spawning first spawn, or spawn beeing dead at the previous round. And when you charge a attack, fly, teleport, the KI will decrease.

Optionnaly, you can set the flash color at the RGB format see examples below. That srike, when a player throw any of his grenade, the entity doesn't get the normal velocity Shows the teammate s 's money, when you aiming a player or via a simple command.

Drop Plugine Weapons On Death 14 ju Mugwump Fun Stuff Gun Menu 1. When player has a helmet he can't be killed by headshot.

This plugin will allow you to store commands that trigger specified responses in a file. Read it and modify it as you want if needed.

Super Destructive Grenades V2.

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