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I suppose some could be wondering what all those pedals are the guitarist keeps playing with and stomping on. Want to add to the discussion? Yeah, they could do another take and get it right, or they could use this tool that takes 10 seconds, what would you choose?

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Can anyone with experience making music talk about auto-tuning live? Thanks, I auuto a bunch of albums in which he is listed as "audio engineer" on wikipedia. For anyone bewildered by this exchange its just a carry over from another thread. The result will be poor, unless the T-Pain thing is your end goal I guess.

This isn't the place to promote yourself, your podcast, or your channel. Unfortunately my contention that punching in or re-tracking a weak vocal segment was a far better protocol than applying pitch correction rolled out a bevy auuto pitch benders with their panties in a wad.

Even underground metal bands that you've never heard of will use tricks to make their playing sound more precise than it really is. Can you give more information on this? Okay I understand what you're thinking of as "parts". As far as I know and I could be wrong here a vocal signal could be sent though any of those effects processors and the result would be some weird and distorted vocals. If you have a problem with xuto that need help with pitch why not?

That said, Purity Ring put on one of the aito 5 liive performances I've seen and Megan James put on a vocal clinic. Also, auto-tune only works on a single note whereas usually you'll use a vocoder to play chords. You set it to be in A-minor and it shift everything into that key, etc.

Be nice Insulting others and general rudeness will not be tolerated and will result in a ban. If you can provide further reference or explanation that would be great.

If you mention a song or an album in a comment, please take the time to add a Youtube link or a streaming playlist, so readers can easily check them out. Make sure you select the key they are in and route it back to the mixer on a channel not in use. Now I am a good singer but it made me sound like a studio recording.

And one guitar player only played using a phaser pedal, and major bands were flocking to get this phaser guy featured on their songs. Assume your fellow contributors are somewhat cultured in music and are looking to write and read posts and comments that illuminate and challenge our ideas about music and the joy of listening to it.

If your contribution has been deleted and you feel peeved, feel free to let us know. However, given the way music is created now, many of us would have a hard time listening to only that kind of music.

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livve That's not a term I'd use because techniques have changed continuously since they worked out how to put sound onto a wax cylinder. He's been recording music since the 80's and is famous for recording In Utero by Nirvana.

tuen Anyone using Auto Tune Live? What type of EQ do you use and what process does one go through to do this? I mean, look at T Pain - he uses it exclusively. That is what I'm saying in not traditional.

Auto-Tune-Live - Antares

Just to clarify, this thread is about using Auto Tune for live purposes only. As for the typical autotune sound, MOST of the music you listen to recorded in the last 15 years was probably autotuned and it doesn't sound robotic. If you are talking about recording separate instruments at different times, well it depends what you mean when you say "traditional".

So are you saying most albums are bedroom recordings made up of ten second chunks strung together? Like I said, I record music, so I don't know why you think you're zuto me. Imagine if a guitar phaser pedal became hugely popular, and was on like half the songs you hear on the radio.

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