Blood stain child epsilon

The infamous Engrish lyrics also seem to be rectified for the most part here, which is a relief with the clearer vocal delivery. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. They're aiming for what I assume Japan is a scary place is a pretty narrow demographic; fans of light melodeath, trance, and Bleach. This is were many metalheads might give up on the album; and I really don't blame them for doing so, being tricked isn't very fun is it? I don't view this as a metal album, because it really isn't.

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Also, without knowing before hand that this is more a techno album than a metal album, you could be tricked into an album you won't like If you can't justify techno with the addition of guitars, and death vocals like I can.

It's dumb and poppy an fun and yet still injects a few metal riffs here and there to keep it interesting.

Epsilon (Blood Stain Child album) - Wikipedia

The keyboards are all programmed, sequenced, throbbing trance backings that help lay the groundwork for most of the melodies.

I really can't even appraise this as a proper metal album, because the heavier end of the blopd makes such fleeting chikd. You made a stupid, gimmicky, repulsive album that I wanted to hate with a passion, and made it so well that I can't help but abandon my presupposed standards of taste to enjoy it.

I mean I wouldn't be surprised to hear this playing in a club somewhere. The most jarring example is the transition between Forever Free and Stargazer, or more aptly, the lack thereof. You could probably separate the songs by what style dominates them and have 3 different EPs worth of music and each would sound rather different.

You know, like flooding my ears with unnecessary noises. The stand-out of the bunch is the clean vocalist, Sophia.

This is pretty much when the band is at their best too, Sirius VI, Forever Free, and for the most part Unlimited Alchemist are all pretty much just good melodic death metal. This album really gave me a hard time. Before even touching the actual music at hand, the aesthetics just have to be addressed. He can be heard though his screams are usually stqin in order to give the female singer, Sophia, priority over him.

Luckily there are a few heavier songs where both he and the stin turn it up a few notches. Due to the shallow nature of the music, I've really already said everything there is to say twice already. Alone techno sounds like a bunch of annoying sounds crudely meshed together by a zit-faced nerd sitting at his computer, but combined with my favorite thing in the world; metal, it somehow becomes far more than tolerable, it becomes what I can only describe as "electric ear crack".

They manage to blend harsh vocals with clean female vocals - in fact, they blend them so well that I honestly thought that the band had a single, female singer who handled both clean and harsh vocals the first time I listened to this. With female vocals the woman actually has a pretty strong voice and coupled with the heavier music it works completely. While growler Ryo is allowed to take part in most of the songs i've mentioned its in very much a back seat kind of way.

As much as I like Blood Stain Child, I have to admit that this album isn't so good and it is mostly because the female vocals ruin it for me.

Blood Stain Child : Epsilon

Written for my blog. It took me nearly a whole year to put my finger on exactly what has caused me to keep coming back to this album, but I think I can finally explain what that special quality found in this album is that makes me ignore the part of myself that's telling me that Blood Stained Child is tasteless trite time after time. The overload of sound from intense vocals, guitar work, and synth may seem overwhelming and even detrimental to one's ability to enjoy the album, but in a way, it's the album's greatest strength.

That said, there are still metal elements at play, they're just in the background. I was half right - the band is Japanese. They're aiming for what I assume Japan is boood scary place is a pretty narrow demographic; fans of epsioon melodeath, trance, and Bleach.

The exact reason I initially dismissed this album the inclusion of a full-time female vocalist turns out to be one of its greater strengths. A number of the songs on Epsilon are extremely unbalanced when it comes to how much of one style or another they put in a song.

Blood Stain Child Epsilon (Album)- Spirit of Metal Webzine (en)

This style persists, teasing with bouts of heavier riffing, until "Stargazer". I think that there should be an anime based on the lyrics of this album - or at the very least, someone should make a bunch of AMVs for the songs on this album. That being said and out of the way, something magical happened to my ears with this album. Whichever one you choose, you get a satisfying experience.

Sure it has a cool name but the electronic portion totally pushes all the other instruments to the back of the mix. The band's sound, on the other hand, is light years away from the type of music that Rammstein plays. I stumbled upon this album at a "Used" section of a record store in my home city - and the cover art was what drew me in.

What else could eepsilon obviously new here?!

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