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A playable demo was released for PlayStation 3 on December 10, , and for Xbox on December 24, The content includes two new enemies known as the "Forest Siren" and "Death Knight" and involves a series of puzzles to overcome. Writer teases Dante's Inferno sequel". There will be Stages where you will be walking across Tongues, Intestines, Penis etc etc.

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Overall good game for the PSP and I would recommend anyone who enjoys hack and slash with some substance to give it a go! Retrieved March 11, Retrieved May 30, Both as a game and as an adaptation, Dante's Inferno is a noteworthy game, in a genre which is not so crowded and well-attended in the PSP. Dante's Inferno Cover art featuring protagonist Dante.

Retrieved September 23, After defeating the giant iinferno, Lucifer reveals that several enormous chains Dante had destroyed to proceed were the Chains of Judeccawhich kept him imprisoned in Lake Cocytus and inside the body of the giant three headed demon.

The package contained a small wooden box which, when opened, played the Rick Astley song " Never Gonna Give You Up ", thus " Rickrolling " the journalists that received it. Garry Schyman Paul Gorman.

In the end though, in cramming Dante's Inferno into the limited space and resources available on the PSP, A2M has, in many respects, broken the game.

You can absolve or punish your foes and upgrading you inferni or Dante's inferno is a good effort at making a GOW type game with a twist. Archived from the original on March 9, This act of supreme sacrifice undoes Beatrice's transformation and restores her to her former self.

Archived from the original on June 15, It's only entertaining to swing your blood-soaked scythe for so long because the combat is shallow and the objectives only offer a slight change to the core experience.

Hell Needs More Good Ideas".

Dante's Inferno

Around 20 protesters, claiming to be from a church in Ventura County, held up signs that called the game sacrilegious and labeled it possibly dants to people's beliefs. Before Dante can reach Lucifer, Beatrice puts him through the challenges of ten stages of the Malebolgeeach depicting the fraudsters throughout history from simple thieves to the false Popes.

Everything or Nothing James Bond Many attack combinations and abilities can be unlocked in exchange for souls, an in-game currency that is collected upon defeating enemies or locating soul fountains. Retrieved January 11, He then rips off the tapestry from dantte chest and walks away with Beatrice's soul.

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If a sequel is on the cards — as is hinted by the ending — the developers would do well to institute a more consistent level of quality. However, you'll likely find your irritation mounting as your attacks seem to pass through enemies pep registering hits as often as not, and again, you'll be hard-pressed not to exploit the now-overpowered heavy attacks pep will virtually always successfully launch enemies into the air.

Unfortunately, there are no especially discernible changes to enemy patterns, spawn sequences, or abilities. Cover art featuring protagonist Dante. The grab-and-judge move has become so powerful as to make other tactics useless, as enemies can no longer interrupt a punishment or absolution sequence on low-level fodder enemies.

Dante then enters the second circle, Lustwhere he enters the Carnal Tower to find Beatrice, whose soul is slowly being corrupted into a succubus by Lucifer, who also reveals to her that Dante broke his vows to Beatrice with a captive woman back in Acre, in exchange for sparing the life of her "brother".

Dante's Inferno Review - IGN

The graphics are good without being spectacular and the gameplay is fun! The only disappointment was the Final boss Battle as it was too Easy, considering the Hell one has to from in the second last stage named Fraud. That's infeno whole point!

For whatever reason, it feels like A2M shoved Dante's Inferno as hard as it could into the game development version of Google Translate and have wound up with something that lost most of its meaning and intention in the process. Players are able to share their created maps and levels with others. Archived from the original on February 12, The first traditional piece of downloadable content was released a month after release on March 4, entitled Dark Foresta prologue level loosely based on the opening of The Divine Comedythat sees Dante in a dark forest before meeting Virgil.

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