Al-ghazali the alchemist of happiness

The Lord invites the servants whom he loves to the contemplation of his glory, at one time by sending misfortune and affliction, and at another by melancholy and sickness: One is through visions, by which revelations are made to all men. Every one is therefore bound to imitate them within the limits of the law, and in the regulation of his moral conduct, that he may attain felicity and be preserved from danger of eternal destruction. It knows the course, the size and the peculiarities of the sun.

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If it should look upon the vigorous with majesty, they might become infirm. The hand, for example, does not in writing move of itself, but depends for motion on volition proceeding from the heart. On account, therefore, of man's need of clothing and food, God has appointed sensuous desire to act as a commissary, that the animal, that is, the body, may not perish from hunger, cold or heat.

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The people of this world are also like the passengers in a ship, who while sailing upon the sea, arrive at an island. Perhaps, as in the case of alchemy, it only exists now in name and form. This version is considered to be the most beneficial, as it improves upon the past editions by Ahmad Ahram and Muhammad Abbasi.

By the distribution of this spirit through the body, the eye sees, the ear hears, the tongue tastes, the nose smells, and the rest of the organs are endowed with their proper movements and perform their appropriate functions….

Sometimes, I feel the Muslim community places too much value on the words of great scholars and seem to forget that they are human. You know also that if you are hungry, your stomach craves food, and that if you are cold, you desire clothing; but other animals also understand these things.

It is as much as to say, that there are large things, but that God is larger than they are. Beloved, the falsehood and error of these people appear from this consideration. But we cannot grow in the knowledge of God, unless we understand the works of God. This is called the invisible world, the world of intelligence, Edition: Know, O seeker after the divine mysteries!

But when the heart is not free from impurity, or when, on waking, it busies itself with things of sense, the side towards the tablet will be obscured, and it can view nothing. Hence those who say that the spirit is created, and is also from all eternity are in error, for nothing is eternal kf the being and attributes of God.

Al-Ghazali - The Alchemist of Happiness

The mystic, however, who by spiritual revelation has learned all that a doctor of the law has been able to learn after many years of study, and who has no remaining doubts in matters of internal or external knowledge, is certainly more excellent than the doctor of the law who is learned only in external knowledge, and this should not be denied.

Though on the earth, it knows the latitude of the stars and their distances. If any study it, it is only for the purpose of acquiring skill in medicine, and not for the sake of becoming acquainted with the perfection of the power of God.

But as the perception does not take place by means of the external senses, but only in the imagination, the heart does not see them with absolute clearness, but sees only a phantom. This was part of the reading curriculum for the Jerusalem trip.

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Hapoiness 21, Sabrine Elk rated it liked it. Still let every one who fails of obtaining this knowledge either by means of purity of desire or of demonstration of reasoning, take care and not deny its existence to those who are possessed of it, so that they may not be repelled from the low degree they have attained, and their conduct become a snare to them in alchhemist way of truth. If you had a servant who had been faithful to you during his al-ghqzali life, with whose services you were not able to dispense, while he could at any time find a better master—yet if he should only for a single day alcnemist your orders, you would get angry, beat him, and wish to get rid of him.

Now the external senses resemble those running streams, from which various kinds of knowledge, notions and prejudices proceed to the heart, of which some are pure and purifying, and some are corrupt and corrupting, and until these have been dammed up, the windows of the heart cannot be uncovered so that the illuminating knowledge from God can be revealed to it.

Each internal and external organ has various curious uses, of which man is entirely uninformed.

But I have heard that the mystics say that external knowledge is a veil upon the way to God, and Edition: Although educated by Mohammedan parents, he avows that during a considerable period of his life he was a prey to doubts about the truth, and that at times he was an absolute sceptic. To love God, you must know Him, know your Self, and know the world; then elevate these knows to realizing the ultimate love.

And the holy saying of the prophet of God: Know alchemiat, that the heart is endowed with properties like those of angels and such as are not found in animals; and just happoness the material world is subjected by divine permission to the angels, and when God wills it, the angels send forth the winds, cause rain to Edition: Nayusha rated it really liked it Jan 14, His words are so true, they just find an opening in your heart, slowly start making way inside.

Filled with fear and dread, they became blind from their tears; from their long continuing perturbation and distraction of mind, yon would think they had lost the use of their reason.

Hence it is the object of the science of medicine to preserve these four aal-ghazali in their due proportions, so uappiness they may serve as instruments to secure perfection hte the human spirit. If has been clearly shown to you, student of the mysteries, that the human spirit in its essence and attributes is to live forever, and that it is able to exist without a frame, that the meaning of death is not the annihilation of the spirit, but its separation from the body, and that the resurrection and day of assembly do not mean a return to a new existence after annihilation, ot the bestowal of a new form or frame to the spirit, which shall be under its control in the second period, as the body was under its control in the first period….

Al-Ghazali believed that the Islamic spiritual tradition had become moribund and that the spiritual sciences taught by the first generation of Muslims had been forgotten.

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