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Download FIFA 11 2. The higher the "skill" rating of the player, the more impressive the tricks he can perform. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. It all sounds great too, with players shouting instructions to each other, the continuous buzz of the crowd and lively commentary adding excitement to the action. It's a refreshingly different way to play.

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FIFA 11 Soccer gaming at its finest.

Another important change in FIFA 11 is the ability to control the goalkeeperwhich feels very natural and adds an extra element to the gameplay. Don't leave without your download! Choose your favoured position on the field then play your part during the matches with friends gaje other players online.


You can also prepare yourself for the FIFA Interactive World Cup to represent your country and compete against the best players in the world. It could be tough for novices or less experienced gamers to learn and enjoy the game.

This results in more realistic positioning and momentum, better perception of where to gather loose balls, and more impressive save moves. From the very start, it checks if you have any trophies from the previous game, setting your skill level to match how much of FIFA 10 you've completed. Also, with the press of the right button, players can now perform special tricks and skills on the pitch. You can record your own chants, add audio files of actual team chants, and define the music that a team runs out to.

You can watch tutorials on mastering your skills and then put them into practice in the Arena which acts as a loading screen between matches, making sure you're warmed up and prepared for your debut match. EA modeled player faces using photographs, and facial expressions are now more varied and change according to the player.

FIFA 11 for Symbian - Download

This is now more involved in that you start out as a player before becoming a player coach and eventually a fully-fledged manager. Sa thanks Submit review.

Whether it's offering you a tantalising number of options to choose from or taking to the pitch and playing the world's most popular sport, the game aims for nothing less than an authentic experience that envelops you in the big match atmosphere. The one significant change this time out is the rehashing of the Manager mode, which is now known as Career mode, and integrates with Be a Pro.

From appealing for decisions to expressing disappointment at a wayward pass, the personality of various football stars is captured perfectly. Why not customise your own celebrations and use the instant replays to rub your spectacular goals into the faces of gaje rivals?

Regardless of where you play, FIFA 11 is all about bringing you closer to a big football match flfa than ever before - and it scores a winner every time. This makes it easier for gamers to direct their players through spaces that would have been difficult to maneuver in the previous version. Download and spotts help. Also, FIFA 11 has a clunky penalty kick system, which makes it harder to score penalty goals. I realy love perfect graphich Cons: In English Program license: Once you start seeing replays or close-ups, however, you realize that player likenesses are now more realistic.

Perhaps the greatest innovation of this entry is the ability to control the goalkeeper. The enhancements to the gameplay in FIFA 11 make it feel a lot more like real football.

Download EA Sports FIFA 11

Assign customized chants for every team and league, and play music tracks from your existing library from within the game. If you want to indulge in the spirit of team play whenever you desire, you can take your skills online spports join up to 21 other players. These interesting new features, combined with super intelligent gameplay, make FIFA 11 the quintessential soccer sim.

Another neat addition 11 FIFA 11 is the ability to upload your own audio for use within the game. Alternatively you can have the best of both worlds as a player manager, also taking the chance to choose a single footballer either created by yourself or selected from your chosen team to control for the whole season. Mobille version Program by: Handballs are introduced for the first time in FIFA Get free alternatives to FIFA FIFA 11 also features a more refined passing systemgiving you more control over ball distribution.

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