Catholic weekday homilies

Ordinary Weekdays 16 Or could it be that his army was short of supplies and worn out, and also there was a famine and plague in Italy at that time? Tuesday, Week 30 October 30th, 1st Reading: Ignatian Spirituality A Loyola Press web site on prayer and discernment.

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I saw another angel ascending from the rising of the sun, having the seal of the living God, and he called with a loud voice …. Other Spirituality, Prayer Sites.

Reflections on the Readings for every day of the Church's year. Yet the first conflict and hoomilies will come from within ourselves. Jesuit Interreligious Dialogue and Relations.

Easter Weekdays 3 They give is more scriptural and biblical knowledge with Asian culture. Ordinary Weekdays 15 Those two figures were said to be St.

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October 28 Maureen McCann Waldron. Ordinary Weekdays 16 Keep up the good work. October 20, at 5: It may be at an inconvenient and unexpected catholkc, but it will always be a God-filled and blessed moment.

Lent Weekdays 2 In the Gospel passage from St Luke, Jesus calls us to repentance in order to be saved. In our first reading for today, St Paul again uses the analogy of the body to say that we each have our own role to play cathloic the Body of Christ. January 1 B Paul was so zealous and fervent about his mission. Advent Weekdays 2 May 10, at 6: Dear Father Justin, I am very much inspired by the homilies….

Maintain the good works and God bless you. hokilies

Creighton U Daily Reflections

The final sentence is a prediction of the suffering which Jesus himself would undergo to atone for the sins of the people. We welcome any feedback you may have. October 22 Ed Morse.

Ordinary Weekdays 32 Friday [29] Year II - October 26th, Justin, I am impressed with your wisdom. We may have no other choice than to just sit around and wait. On one side of the figure of St Benedict, there is a raven carrying off a loaf of bread.

Reflections on the Daily Readings

In short, as Jesus sent His disciples to go weekdau to the whole world and proclaim the Good News, He is also saying that there will be snares and dangers, but there also will be signs and wonders. Could it be that a sum of money was given to him to stop him from attacking? October 25 Angela Maynard.

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