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How long do you suppose before someone hacks the ROM to make it use the D-pad instead of the grip? Jan 14, Brazil. Suddenly the ceiling of what was possible in this game got a lot higher.

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Can any of them even be trusted? Acai's craft might not require the monk-like asceticism necessary to conquer a nation's worth of bosses in Dark Souls without ever being hit, but it is also truer, and less exploitable. Acai tells me he fell in love with Guitar Hero like everyone else did vuitar the music game's golden age in the mid-aughties. Added by RedFlameFox Report. For more emulators, check out our extensive emulators section.

Jun 22, Somewherewherewhere.

Well don't be surprised. In he started streaming Guitar Hero on Twitchand has since accumulated a sizable 64, followers. Do you already have an account?

So, aroundhe turned to the underground, where he first met the mad scientists who were cooking up truly demonic note charts that were only playable on a cracked PC copy of Guitar Hero 3. But the suspicion wore off gyitar immediately as I witnessed Acai tear his way through an utterly astonishing note chart.

So I was initially struck by the audacity of the algorithm telling me that I should journey back to my teenage years to watch this guy shred. There is no poison-arrow cheese in Guitar Hero. That's not the fantasy Acai was after anymore.

I seriously can't believe people need to ask stuff like this it's just mind boggling. Acai was eight years old, and came home from school every day to perfect his art.

That mindset is what transformed Ninja from a random Halo pro vuitar a Fortnite god with Drake on speed dial. No, create an account now. Acai tells me that some of the tracks he found in this scene transcend the basic functions of musicality.

There are plenty of colossal videogame feats documented on YouTube, but this was a new threshold for me. I'm seeing that some people on this furm ARE mind boggling. Jan 14, Brazil.

Guitar Hero - Smash Hits ROM (ISO) Download for Sony Playstation 2 / PS2 -

Here, for instance, is Acai conquering a chart tuned for Kanye's infamous "Poopity Scoop" moment. Guitaf started hoarding plastic instruments, every game store started up local and regional tournaments, a year old named Blake from North Carolina dropped out of school to play the game full-time. Games you may like: Apr 4, Zagreb.

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Guitar Hero - Legends Of Rock

Your name or email address: A How to Play this Game? I hope they keep us in mind and make the next Guitar Hero DS easier to pirate.

Well, we dont have the guitar buttons, or that stylus. Separate names with a comma. Either buy a game, or wait for some stand-alone "guitar devices".

Today, the vast majority of this community thrives on Clone Heroa fan-made, Unity-developed freeware module that's far friendlier to custom tracks than that hacked Guitar Hero 3 client.

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