Gimp dds plugin

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Stormy 18 November at 6: Looks like the plugin is probably gomp. YAFU 01 July at 8: For some reason that tends to stay behind.

How to Edit DDS Files in Gimp

The TODO section at the plug-in's homepage mentions plans to move to GEGL so that higher precision pixel formats could be accessible for reading and writing. Thanks for the help.

Mo 31 May at Hi, I am rechelmy and as an online money maker through forex I was searching a good binary option trading strategies guide but after view this trading review https: It hasn't worked on either one. Do not use a layer group mask.

Most unlikely, the last bug report issue is from Amazing that it works at all. Please subscribe to monthly donations via Patreon:.

How To Use The Gimp DDS Plugin

Feel the same, I wish there was a ppa for this: Gimp dds plugin self. Find Reply rich Administrator Posts: Remon 27 May at 2: It worked in 2. Has anybody an Idea how to adjust the.

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Posting so people who stumble on this thread don't get confused. I'm using the dds plugin 3.

Normalmap and DDS plug-ins updated for GIMP 2.8

N 29 June at Your welcome, also when I uninstalled and reinstalled I deleted the gimp folder that was in the program files. I've been trying various versions of the plugin and still can't get it to load. For me, it works. Would really love to be able to install this, but the 64 bit Windows executable does seemingly nothing Win 7 Pro and posts no errors, the website is non-existent, and the documentation points to the broken website.

Anything gikp on with this since June ?

Gimp dds plugin : GIMP

Google-fu does not bring any fruitful results. What you need is the code updated and compiled for you. I guess uMatrix or uBlock shenanigans.

Apart from the update for GIMP 2.

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