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Those gaps exist in the base FS product. First, I found the aberrations actually hard to come by, noting that this is based only on my experience with the product in select areas given the size it covers. Each point is a terrain elevation mesh point in the default FSX scenery. Ultimate uses the latest available data from with the highest available resolution.

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General Discussion - no support requests here please Search In. A division on two drives is possible in order to save space, e. For more infos visit http: There is an increase in loading time when I start up P3D and when loading a new flight. Some FTX Global freeware sceneries like LIDA Asiago depend on a mesh software for a correct rendition, while others globall need it but will look more realistic in surrounding areas.

Additionally, Vector sets water levels to their correct real world elevation, hence even flat landscapes may show some annomalies around water bodies globao the surrounding default terrain elevation is very different from the real elevation. Experiencing the FSG visuals.

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Its visuals are an approximation of the real thing to start with. I also do not experience stutters or pops. In other words, there is a lot of overlap between the two products. I mainly do low scenic flying, so a detailed mesh is important to me, so it sounds like FS Global Ultimate is the ideal one globzl get, but it's a bit pricey at the moment.

Not that different from FSG from this point of view. We will not spend time on AFX here although it was functional in my test. What are the pros and cons for both meshes?

Also, what about FS Global Ultimate? It doesn't depend on Mesh products like FS Global. Sign In Sign Up. As this topic is a discussion of two other third party products and it has been very well answered, I think it would be more appropriate for you to continue, if you wish to, elsewhere.

FSX Insider | What FS Global Can Do For You

The technical behind-the-scenes document is a good read as it explains how the data was derived, what areas of the world are covered, and covers the limitations of the product. Using any other mesh can produce unfortunate side effects. Coverage in FSG 20010 documentation.

A clear benefit of FSG is its all inclusive nature. If so, which mesh is best to put on top?

So far no issues. In this first example, globwl go to the state of New Mexico in the United States at a landmark called Shiprock, a unique rock formation in the middle of the desert.

What FS Global Can Do For You

At least it is more complete: Without FS Global Ultimate both lasted only seconds. Hence, you might see this globla only a few locations as a consequence of having accurate terrain simulation. However, the surrounding mountains glibal of KEKA's coverage will look exactly as they appear in reality. Second, the simulator itself makes compromises. I thought I was going to be smart and do something else with the computer while the install was going on.

FS Global X is an improvement over its predecessor in many areas. Caucasus mountains, FSX Deluxe.

They are not kidding either. FSG is a drastic globak over the base flight simulator scenery, creating mountains and hills totally missed by Flight Simulator. Regardless, FSG is up front with the issue of possible artifacts, the documentation explains the technical reasons as to why they exist.

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