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Without words, we understand what the message is, and it truly makes a statement without needing to be overly detailed. The colors are incredibly simple and bright almost strictly a primary color palette , yet still convey the message in an un-juvenile way. This beautiful wallpaper takes lovely plants and flowers and arranges them on a simple, white background. To create a wallpaper with staggered text, choose your favorite font.

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Wallpappers skewed strokes melt into the skewed text of the quote. The contrast of the central white text with the black and white photo really makes it stand out, and the lens flares add a unique touch and dimensional element.

The light emanating from the desk lamp warms up the central area of the image, and reveals a nice texture. The background of this wallpaper image is understated, yet still important with its paint-like strokes. They gently encourage you to get excited wallpspers take off — anywhere your two peddling feet can take you. The entirety of this wallpaper is very abstract and random.

This wallpaper takes candy-cane like text and pairs it against a stark, arctic landscape.

The aim is to not overwhelm the design with a bunch of unnecessary elements, and keep it purely functional and informative.

The pattern of the carefully arranged stones brings a sense of peace, yet it is unclear why they are arranged in this way.

The pairing of these two incredibly different items works very well, and gives off a unique spirit and feel. Choose a few colors, make a few shapes, and play around with arranging them on the page in a carefree, random manner. When she's not writing help waklpapers how-to's, she's off dreaming about Disney and singing show tunes. It depicts wallpapers cute illustration of a leprechaun a nod to St.

The harsh light coming from the left of the wallpaper brings in a harsh shadow. It alludes to the idea of being present in the moment, even if everything around you is a blur.

The font wallpapsrs light and whimsical, which pairs perfectly with its message. The bright, pinky-orange pops out against the dark, navy background.

Great design for every part of your life Start Designing. The simple shapes and coloring of the illustration make it clean and structured, but still with an air of playfulness.

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The message on this wallpaper clearly states to work like a boss, meaning to work hard. Dream are conceptualized as white, with fears being blue. The sun-like wallpapegs provide a happy pop of orange color, and the soft pink background brings in lovely warmth. Start your wallpaper search in our Wallpaper Weekly archive! The end result is encouraging, and helps to remind us all that we can out dream our fears.

The colors are muted, yet still warm and pleasant — an indicator of the heat of summer to come. This beautiful quote from Jimi Hendrix is paired with a haunting illustration of a dark, chilly city.

This wallpaper is similar to the last due to the fact that it showcases another month in the year. You can even choose to have Google mix up your wallpapers every day if you're so inclined! She themes phones and pokes Google Play Music with a stick. The splatters of texture inside the letters creates a luxurious feel, and the high contrast of the light text and the dark background forces the message out at you.

The juxtaposition of the bright, golden text against the subdued, black and white background in this wallpaper is stunning.

50 beautiful free wallpapers for creatives [2015 edition]

The imagery in this wallpaper is both soothing and enigmatic. Alll contrast of the black peaking through the bright flowers makes them pop, and the subtle band of text in the center is concise and to the point. It serves to educate the user on what each part is and where it resides. If you see her without headphones, RUN.

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