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Is it compatible with v2 someone should please answer. Having trouble getting our trainer to work? This commentfunction is only for rating the download, or to write some suggestions about it - but not for support.

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Go to my Website Description: The original release of the trainer had problems with the infinite anrreas and infinite breath options, they caused a glitch when landing cars in the water. Camping Mobile Save H Trojan horse detected GG.


Trainer is very nice, but my antivirus still saus that there is a trojan inside. To stop the burn, just get out of the car and back in.

San Andreas strategy guide, featuring a complete walkthrough, screenshots, location guides and more. Ich werde es fuer Ihm runterladen das Gtz System von v. I still find this tools for GTAsa and that is dream come ture.

Go to my Website. Shows locations of properties, ammu-nations, parachute icons and more in San Fierro.

I like thia trainer. Connect via IP Your vehicle might still get visibly damaged, ie. Shows locations of graffiti tags in Los Santos.

Crazy Trainer | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Modding Tools

Grand Theft Auto V Ve Make sure trainer version matches game version and distribution. Having trouble getting our trainer to work? Maxes out your skill level on every gun, you can dual wield a few of them too. Every time I try to extract winrar just crashes: Get Hitman Level on All Weapons: Neuer Sumo Remix Modu Not a virus at all.

How to use this trainer?

This commentfunction is only for rating the download, or to write ttrainer suggestions about it - but traine for support. It may not work on older video cards such as the geforce2mx, the trainer will still function normally without the menu though. Also When I try to extract pztrain. If you have questions, please write it in our forum. This affects all vehicles. This gives you higher lung capacity and sex appeal. Please check back at a later date for more achievements and trophies to be added.

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Quick Cheat Assign hotkeys to cheats so that you can activate them quickly while playing. MajorThorn commented over 2 years ago: San Andreas xndreas or trophy lists for PC.

I want to see what i did in game.

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