Crash test dummies mmm mmm mmm mmm

The second verse mentions a girl that was born with an abnormality - birthmarks all over her body. The lyrics are about these three kids but it coulda been about anyone The other two may be physically injured or dead, but the 3rd child feels dead while actually being alive because they are not able to live the life they want to live.

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General Comment Most people don't get this song. The punchline is that they're both glad that they're not the kid in the last verse, with his overbearing fundie parents. WVOtter I think this is the exact meaning of the song.

O'Rourke writes, "Even the bad things are better than they used to be. Brad also refers to the parents in the 3rd verse as "ecstatic christians". US Billboard Hot [31]. Recording Industry Association of America. dummiees

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

It supports the band's obvious disdain for organised religion, as well as the idea that a child trying to be accepted by his peers would be mortified to have his involvement in that behaviour made public, whether it's against his will or not. Release Date October 1, Finland Suomen virallinen lista [18].

Dutch Top 40 [37]. Particularly instrumental in increasing the band's exposure in the American market was the appearance of a new type of radio format, adult album-oriented alternative rock AAA.

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Netherlands Dutch Top 40 [23]. Archived from the original on December 4, I like how the song is written: During a live performance for tesh Dutch radio station Kink FMBrad Roberts whispered " Pentecostal " during the third verse, suggesting this is the denomination of the church.

In a essay in which he makes the case that modern life is better than life in the past, humorist P. The lighter side of famine, pestilence, destruction and death. To me, this song seems like a big joke on Brad Roberts' part.

Flag sezjess on July 04, However, they were still better off than the kid whose parents mentally brainwashed him Retrieved 17 April Why not add your own?

I have them all over my body and it made a lot of school difficult. General Comment This song sums up trying to explain yourself in life. I also like the fact that it's nonstandard in that it doesn't rhyme, nor does it even have real words in it's chorus.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Flag backflipdramachic on March 18, Throughout, the scenes of the performance are intercut with scenes of the Crash Test Dummies performing the song at stage side. nmm

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Retrieved May 5, Login with Google Error: Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. The music video was directed by Dale Heslip and premiered in October I'm pretty sure this is what he intended when he wrote the crasu but I'm also pretty sure he'd see the reason people may think its about abuse and be pretty pleased to hear their views.

General Comment I'm not sure I buy the abuse thing. Archived from the original on Germany Official German Charts [20].

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