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Windows RT is not supported. Development by Ivo has ceased, and the project's source code has been released. Classic Start Menu can also modify Windows 8's new UI features, such as hot corners only on the desktop without disabling them inside Universal apps.

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Classic Explorer See all features. The software also offers IE Settings. Star main features are: It is designed to work even after a failed attempt to uninstall the software when some of the registry may be corrupted or some of the files may be missing. Save system log The tool will collect information about your system to help with troubleshooting.

Close all other programs Sign out all other accounts Read all the instructions carefully Restart your computer after the tool completes Show Metro colors The tool cassic display the Windows start screen color palette. If you wish to keep that information confidential, you can either upload the file to the FileDrop folder see belowor archive it with a password, attach the archive in the forums and send a PM with the password to the user Ivo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

You will be given three options that are, ClassicClassic with claszic columns or the Windows 7 style.

Majority of CISOs believe security breaches are inevitable. Classic Shell is a free and easy to use program using which you can get back the classic Start Menu without any manual work. It helps you to find programs and folders many times faster. On a slower machine, you may notice yourself booting into the Start screen, but if you wait a few seconds you will be forwarded to the desktop. All you need to do now is, select the style you wish to use and click on the OK button.

Otherwise I have no way of knowing what to do with it. If you are fine with the new and improved Start Menu in Windows 10 but still need to get the live tiles out of your way, you can simply remove them. Some of the collected information may be sensitive like what applications you have installed.

Retrieved 20 September Retrieved from " https: Microsoft developed Windows 8 with a Start screen rather than a Start menu. We chat with the creator of Classic Shell". Thank you so much! Latest Stable Version 4.

Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements

If you wish to change a few of the default settings of the Classic Start Menu, it can be done from the Classic Shell settings. Classic Shell was a fairly popular interface enhancement in the Windows 7 life cycle but became much more widely used after the release of Windows 8. Aug 12th, - General release 4.

The beta builds are located on the top-right section of their homepage. Translations Translation DLLs for the latest version can be downloaded from here: This page was last edited on 24 Augustat Snaps for Linux are a massive success 60 Comments. Make sure you download the right version.

Classic Shell

The fosshub archive also contains a complete set of old versions. I have rarely seen software offering so many customizations, and at this level. No more frustration, I can work just like I used to! All you have to do is to download and install Classic Start Menu.

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