Hard target 1993

However, hampered by a B-script with flat, standard characters, and subjected to repeated editing of the violent sequences to win an R rating, pic doesn't bear the unique vision on display in Woo's recent " The Killer " and " Hard-Boiled. Director, John Woo's first American film is an action masterpiece. They locate local businessman Randall Poe Elliott Keener , for whom the vet had been working, and learn that her father has become a victim of wealthy sportsman Emil Fouchon Lance Henriksen , who, along with his cronies, hunts homeless men as a form of recreation. Fouchon fails to dismantle the grenade and gets incinerated in the explosion. Natasha questions Randal about her father's death, but they are discovered by an eavesdropping Van Cleef.

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Hard Target (1993) Review

Chuck gave me that". Barbara Tasker as Waitress. The weapon fire on the set was considered dangerous, which led the crew to build a new bulletproof plexiglas shield that could be bolted to the camera.

Realizing he needs to regroup, Fouchon assembles a private army to invade the bayous. Robert Pavlovich as Police Detective. Brad Curran May 15, MoviesTargt. Kasi Lemmons as Carmine Mitchell. August 13, at 7: Woo went through several scripts finding mostly martial arts films with which he was not interested. These are the cornerstones of " Hard Target ," one of this summer's few super-bloodthirsty action films, and the one trget actually stood a chance of rising above its genre.

This is Woo's American debut and it's not as individualistic as his Hong Kong gangster films, but there's also less of his sentimentality and corny humour. Fouchon fails to dismantle the grenade and gets harx in the explosion. Can you imagine that? A pairing of two opposed types, Chance as an anti-heroic or somewhat villainous hero, and Fouchon as a somewhat heroic tragic villain, might even have given Woo the chemistry he has always sought.

Wayne State University Press. It's loaded with dark humor, bone-crunching fights and enough explosive gun-battles to keep any action fan entertained.

Retrieved September 14, On its initial release, Hard Target was a financial success but received mixed reviews from film critics. Even when the acting is hammy, notably Wilford Brimley's turn as Chance's Cajun uncle, Harv stages every fight with hypnotic grace.

Hard Target () - IMDb

Directors Cat Super Reviewer. Al S Super Reviewer. Mythologies of violence in postmodern media. Van Cleef retrieves the money belt. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statue that might otherwise be infringing. You notice the style in the film because there is not much substance".

The finale in an abandoned warehouse in the midst of the Bayou is one John Woo money shot after another, from our hero somersaulting through the air before firing off at his enemies, to firing off an upside down Beretta before putting his adversary down with one of the most memorable Van Damme helicopter kicks ever put to film — all taget by plenty customary slo-mo and dove shots.

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November 28, Full Review…. June 24, Full Review…. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The New York Times subscription required. This article is about the film. His early exposure developed into a lifelong passion and fascination with all forms of martial arts and tremendous passion for action and martial arts films. Which didn't work well in the beginning because I found the audience, in general, they were not familiar with Hong Kong style.

The final attempt targeg a script based on the film The Most Dangerous Game.

While that would have certainly been an interesting film, fans are probably most disappointed by Woo having to tone down his signature violence.

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