Damn small linux

Fixed the null menu bug upon loading certain menuless extensions Fixed dsl-embedded Qemu to allow uci type extensions. It is still very new and needs more testing -- so if you try it out please send me feedback. Lots of changes for 1. New default theme

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The major new feature for DSL 0.

Damn Small Linux

If the user first mounts the device then no problem. New theme and xmms skin I also added Microcom a very small serial terminal emulator. The key is to use a FB that your laptop can support -- this has to be selected at boot time.

Updated Mountpoint function to correctly handle multiple mounts of the same device. Any material in this site can not be reproduced without permission.

Learn how to use the tabs, after a while you will be hooked.

What can you do with Damn Small Linux? Gphone is definitely a work in progress and you probably shouldn't bet your business on it; if it breaks you can keep both pieces. Adjustments to mydslgui color legend 8.

Based somewhat on lowram, boots to a CLI installation menu.

Damn Small Linux, Download the ISO

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Those keys work with German, French, and English. Updated xtdesk for single or double click icons Where to go to from here? Use code DW10 at the checkout page to apply your discount.

A fun addition for this release is TuxNES, and an assortment of public domain games.

Change Log for DSL I know Dzmn am a codeveloper and I am obviously bias, but that impresses the hell out of me. Retrieved from " https: I did some install clean up. This is where I get to bow out of the screen.

For the hacker on the run, I added TinyCC.

DSL allows the user to enter one or more cheat codes at the boot prompt. New mountable MyDSL extension type unc with automatic branch management. Added new iwconfig gui and updated control panel. This also does an md5sum check on the download and install of gnu-utils.

Damn Small Linux, Featured Desktop applications

I replaces XFMail with Sylpheed. The Firebird icon will act in a similar manner. Here is the man page for Xvesa. Improved adding users to liveCD 8.

General cleanup of some unused directories and libraries, and modules Added a new Dillo icon for better alignment 3. Here is what is new for 0.

One thing that I recommend doing is to type 'X -listmodes' at the command prompt to see what your bios is capable of. Enhanced German keyboard support

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