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I had lots of ups and downs emotionally as a teenager and this album was there through all of it Best feature: Odd Future was what broke me through that, and Earl's beats in particular help reign in my awful attention span. List of the Day:: Burgundy is incredible as people have pointed out, and Hoarse has me wishing for a Earl x BBNG tape someday in the future. Use Proper Title Format Do not make up post tags.

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What's fucking insane is Vince is coming back for another year Closing out the year, Doris was named to multiple "Album of the Year" lists for Earl has kept the same style of mixing just HARD tracks with bars Hive from doris, wool from idlsidgo, really doe and melancholic production with relatable lyrics sunday and chum from doris, the majority of idlsidgo, solace, wind in my sails that's why I love earl he's just so relatable, but also shows his talent dors agressiveness when he feels like it, hope his next project solidifies him as a GOAT.

Earl's lyrics are complex, yet stay emotionally on point.

Stream Earl Sweatshirt's New Album "Doris" In Its Entirety

Earl Sweatshirt, 'Doris ' ". Hoarse is a legendary beat, the repeating vocal sample is so eerie.

It still keeps leaak gloomier atmosphere, but stops you from getting stuck into a lifeless slog. The instrumental is boring but is saved by Earl for the millionth time. Centurion goes hard too. Retrieved August 21, Leave a Response Cancel reply Warning: I loved this style of delivery Earl had, with the laid back, fuckin haunted flow.

This is my favorite Earl Album and one of my favorite hip hop albums of the decade easily. Anybody else think it seems like Frank is saying weed is bad, but Earl is saying weed is good?

Retrieved September 19, I guess it's not relevant? It's hard for me to compare the two. Virtually every punchline hits. Messy sketchbook is accurate, though I'd say even that makes it sound more intentional than I think this was.

Did you like the production? Odd Future was what broke me through that, and Earl's beats in lek help reign in my awful attention span How do the songs tie together: Archived from the original on November 6, If he polished his style to make it more palatable I think he would have had more commercial success, but it's a catch 22 because if he did, he wouldn't be spitting bars like that.

The Masked Gorilla

Doris follows his first mixtape Earlsweasthirt was released in when he was sixteen. Even when he skirts the mainstream, he does so with cautious optimism.

Chum, Hive, Sunday, Molasses, Centurion. How well do you think all the songs tied together? Earl's lyrics definitely weren't as savage as his previous work e. What kinda loser calls themselves Earl Sweatshirt and why has this unknown idiot got such a high hype rating compared to all the established bands on the front page?

It's nostalgia for me. Archived from the original on March 21, Only thing is that it feels more like a Tyler song than an Earl song. Thebe Kgositsile Shakeir Duarte.

Archived from the original on August 21, I can't really compare them. Sunday is hands down the best song on the album for me.

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