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Ramir Martinez has played guitar and sung in several bands since No one is too new or too experienced to join us at Rumkraft — together we grow stronger. He began playing drums and keyboard, and programming music, in IATEC, founded in , is one of the leading multimedia education centers in Brazil and offers a variety of courses in audio, music production, lighting and video. With a strong background in DIY electronics and MIDI controller design, coupled with classical music training, his work is informed by the technical and the creative, and rooted in a passion for Latin American aesthetics.

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Mariano started producing with Ableton Live in and has collaborated with bands and producers, creating a wide variety of music, from house to symphonic fusion. Emanuel has also played in rock bands and toured as a keyboardist. In ablfton, he moved to New York and spent three years enhancing his skills as a music producer and live performer. He loves all forms of synthesis and sampling, and is equally comfortable with software and hardware. For many years now, he has been sharing his knowledge and musical approach throughout groups trainings, one to one sessions and masterclasses.

He specializes in Max for Live, as well as working with Isotonik Studios to create unique and creative abeton for music production and performance. Giona Vinti began playing various kind of flutes and whistles in the mids, then in he discovered a passion for electronic music, synthesis and sampling.

Mexico City based musician, producer and DJ, always been passionate about music and discovering new ways to create it, developing various techniques for Abldton and sound design. Hozaifa Sayed has been a teacher in music technology and audio engineering since This course walks you through all of the settings and features abletoj need to know about to take advantage of Ableton Live as a DJ.

In he moved from drums to laptop, kicking off his production career.

He knows Live and Push like the back of his hand, and is very experienced in teaching music production and the creative musical process. He began DJing at age ten, and by courss sixteen he was already playing at large venues and weddings.

His xourse roots began at age 5 in with piano. Brian Markman is an engineer, producer and club DJ. Inhe created his first studio and recorded many jazz artists Didier Lockwood, Emmanuel Bex, Dave Burrell, and others. Gamma Music Institute is a music school based in Turin that offers seminars, courses and workshops in music production, DJing and music business.

DJing with Ableton Live | DJ Courses Online

Over the past 14 years Danny Bonnici has been at the forefront of the global dance music scene. Trained as a classical musician, and a flutist sinceCora is also a sound technician and IT technician, and she holds several Apple certifications.

He started his career as a recording assistant and has worked as an engineer and producer in studios such as Hansa and White Wedding in Berlin and Boogie Park in Hamburg. He began his musical education at the age coufse six and in started using Live for composition, production and as a performance tool. As such, our online tutorials will give you a deep understanding of the program so you can confidently mix and create new sounds live, including improvising on the fly.

Nils Hoffmann, born in Bremen, Germany, studied classical guitar and piano in Kassel and Cologne. Luis Gutierrez, aka Gutik, is a DJ, audio engineer, producer, sound designer and a professor of music production and live performance. He has performed and presented music and art projects at festivals and conferences all over the world including Moogfest, Celtronic and the International Symposium on Electronic Art.

A multi-instrumentalist, he plays guitar, keyboards, trumpet and drums, and has toured internationally. In Harvey started making electronic music with software and two years later discovered Ableton Live, which he used to produce his next two albums, as well as for his live performances.

Adam Fangsrud has been an electronic music nerd since he was 8, when his parents bought abletkn his first Casio keyboard. Du lernst bei uns in Diplom- Gruppen— und Einzelkursen, wie du deine Tracks von A bis Z produzierst, performst und vermarktest.

Isaac Cotec has his hands in many aspects of the music industry. Troester and has released his own music regularly since on various labels.

DJing with Ableton Live

After graduation, he became a supervisor at the school; a year later he was promoted to instructor and currently works at SAE full-time. He started on guitar, but recording on computer has always been a part of his process.

Zaak Kerstetter is a music production teacher, DJ and artist who produces downtempo cinematic bass music under the moniker Zenotope. The channel blew up and has continued to build momentum, now topping over 74, subscribers.

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