Dragon ball z supersonic warriors 2 ds

There are ways to work around it, since the team shares Dragon Power, which is used to pull off super combos. Supersonic Warriors 2 for DS Reviews". Since the action is cut well it is tough to notice, but it is a little weird to see the fighters jump around just because a main combo was used. Rather than offering a bare bones fighter reminiscent of the fairly strong GBA version, Atari went all out, offering fans an entirely new package that delivers Dragon Ball Z at its finest. The player can choose from any character that is available or unlocked, and there are no limits to the levels corresponding to the characters.

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Dragon Ball video games. As an overall package, the sound and graphical presentation help a great deal when teamed with solid gameplay. Retrieved August 9, Critics were more critical with the mediocre touch screen usage and thought the character sprites needed to be worked on, and the game should not have used the buttons, and have replaced it with the touch screen.

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Contents [ show ]. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. The story mode is presented through short scenes; where long texts associated with pictures and scenery are involved. The playfield is huge, however, and when chasing a fighter around the world a tremendous sense of speed is given especially when flying low to the ground. ba,l

June 22, EU: The opponent surrounded by Hellzone Grenade blasts. All rankings and statistics are viewed in the options mode under the rankings tab. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Sign In Don't have an account? Additional voice samples for each character would have helped, however, as they are used constantly and become repetitive as time goes on. Archived from the original on November 25, It was released in for the Nintendo DS featuring an expanded roster.

Certain moves need a ton of room to pull off such as throws, team attacks, and super combosso these moves often initiate a scripted event to show the attack.

December 1, AU: August 22, [1] Supersonic Warriors 2 NA: Larger on-screen buttons and character names on the HUD would have helped. It really adds a depth that the GBA couldn't pull off, and it helps a great deal. February 3, [2]. Trunks Vs Perfect Cell? Retrieved from " https: Free battle mode unchains all restrictions that are placed from the other modes, allowing for a free range of battles for any combination of enemies.

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2

Critics loved the new tag-team action and thought it was much better than the prequel, but it did not use the touch screen capabilities to the max. In this game mode, the player selects one of sixteen different stories to follow a core narrative - there are three Supersonlc which roughly follow the canon of the DBZ Manga and Anime across the Namek, Android and Majin Sagas from numerous characters, and thirteen Character Stories for each of the thirteen playable characters, many of which show alternate 'What If' outcomes to the DBZ story.

Retrieved June 17, Characters call out attacks during battle, which really helps to add excitement to superslnic fights.

It is very cool to be a part of such an epic feeling battle. The camera zooms in and out depending on the distance between the fighters, giving each battle a cinematic flare similar to the show itself. Supersonic Warriors 2 Review". Reception in Japan was great.

Warrkors the action is cut well it is tough to notice, but it is a little weird to see the fighters jump around just because a main combo was used. A combo system is included, so when Goku goes Super Saiyan and pulls off a 60 superslnic combo, the number will rack up during the attack.

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