Baofeng uv 3r plus

Wish you could lock out memory channels while scanning? If you want to listen to the channel again, go back to the menu and turn the rx code off. If you want a bargain but good performing HT that will be too loud to listen to and may have other issues, take a chance on this one. Yeah the manual is good comedy, but it gets you started.

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It will scan between a VFO entry and a Memory, not two programmed memory channels which sucks. Programming is straight forward from the radio itself and with the software it's a breeze.

For the money this radio is VERY good value. Followed procedures to the letter.

BAOFENG UV-3R+Plus/Mhz + earpiece shop,walkie-talkie,Handheld Transceiver- Radio

My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. A radio you take with you when it's likely you'll either lose it or abuse it. The duckie is not very good. It's a little clunky to use, I would much prefer a way of assigning a function as needed, such as volume or frequency and do away with the locking mechanism.

I have found scan mode TO on the menu setting works best for me. I have no issues as reported with earlier versions.

So then I did the resistor mod. Okay, not a big deal for the price.

With a little experimenting and intuition it is easy to get great performance in this rugged inexpensive radio. But - the PTT issue got worse and the 'function' button wouldn't work. I really like the size of this radio works great good recieve and tx.

This radio has a lot of potential. Hard to do with this HT. Contact the site with comments or questions. It was suggested to me that maybe I've got the Commercial chipset and not the Amateur chipset, so if that were true then I should try factory software.

When comparing this kind of radio with e. I got this radio off Amazon. I did not really expect too much and was surprised. Wish you could lock out memory channels while scanning? The lowest volume is very loud, especially indoors. Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. Programming it was a bear but after I learned the steps it is fast and simple. I wanted to like this radio, but it drove me nuts.

At the price, I look on it as a disposable radio. Even the lapel mic was erratic, hanging up after being pressed and released.

BAOFENG UV-3R+Plus136-174/400-470Mhz + earpiece

Receive audio is very sharp and loud, and reports of the transmit audio are the same. Relatively easy to program, even without the software. Every time I opened the case and took out the unit, then replaced it and had it all back together, the PTT and function would work for a half dozen presses or so, then needed harder pressing, then quit.

The transmit audio is every bit as good as my dollar HT. I've had no issues with it at all. I took the resistor out, put it back, adjusted the case and tightened the screws - you name it, I tried it. I had one, wish I had kept it. Out of the box, Pros:

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