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I guess thats a big bug!!! No thanks Submit review. I replaced the corrupted gtav folder and started the game from gtav launcher , the modmanger not opened. More only works for vehicles mod. In English Program license:

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Reinstalling all mods leads to Problem 1. I stared the game with all mods disabled from modmanger and the game started downloading again 50 gigs because of corrupted gamedata. — GTA mods with installer

You can even locate specific mods to add or remove as needed without having to delete the entire directory or mess with troublesome renames.

It also sets the necessary files to NOT be read-only. I guess thats a big bug!!! Double-check your mod installer for version compatibility.

All GTA mods with installer

I am a user of this manger since the very beginning, and went through all the drawbacks comming with that manager. As soon as I move an unaltered. Get alternatives to San Andreas Mod Installer. Additionally, if you are aware of a file which has been 'ripped' without permission from the original author, please report it to alert us and we will review it.

So i went ahead deleting that mod completely. I don't have GTA running in the background so I don't know how it could be in use with another program.

I have a mods mosd already that I don't want to manage with this mod manager, I want to keep it there, and install other stuff on top of it with this mod manager Leaving without your download? Click here for the FAQ. Ok i have a big problem with the replace: Download and installation help.

There may still be ways around it with other tools, but this mod removes the scene completely.

Show previous 20 comments. Please ignore comment above! So from now on just make sure to delete gtta gtav modfolder completely, it is not enough only to uncheck the mods.

More it is the world's best game. Rohith also put the asi loader file in the OpenIV folder otherwise none of your rpf mods will work put this file dinput8.

Problem 2 Mod manager allows you to edit ini files directly awesome thingbut if mod is installed and I edit ini files - my changes won't take effect unless i reinstall all mods. It also includes script support and it works instapler mods. User reviews about San Andreas Mod Installer.

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Designed in Alderney Made in Los Santos. This installer isn't for other Grand Theft Auto games. I forgot that I moved my files to the Programs folder which need administrator permissions! Even veteran players sometimes like automating processes, and this mod installer works well for that.

[Add-On | Replace] Vehicles Installer -

For rpf mod, the mods folder needs to be small letters as shown below. I'm a new user. Plenty of newer games have made a splash in the same genre, but the setting of San Andreas is unique.

What do you think about San Andreas Mod Installer? I even disabled the firewall rule option and uninstalled all the mods but I just can't seem to get into installet anymore. More mods by Bilago:

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