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If you'd like permanent hosting of a save file, upload it here and PM me the link on GTAForums along with the reason you want it to stay up permanently. Very good work dude! If we want to replay a good mission, just download the saves! Edited August 22, by gtahomie.

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GTA San Andreas Savegames - Mods and Downloads -

I've done a few of these savepacks as well, but I got that bug that didn't allow me to train at gyms so I can't really present any packs officially. Download the file to C: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. In order to use these save files you need: Posted September 20, Posted June 25, Try playing the game with all the mods removed? I have tried both v1 and v2 and both crash. Added to the save file index.

Posted August 11, Try downloading ohter saves and see. Posted March 20, Posted June 11, edited. Hope it will be useful fore some, since few people were asking for those.

Please follow this link for the V2 saves: I have v2 and convert saves with this program: Posted June 17, Posted August 18, Start the game and load the save from the slot you chose. Anyway, good job CCPD, it's always nice to have a good savefile when you need it. gtta

Posted November 21, You had been missing from the scene for a pretty long time. Sign in Already have an account? I used zmoonchild's The Ultimate Game Startso all the possible side missions are completed from ssave start.

If so, your version is still v2. Have you downgraded your gga to use mods? But I am proud to have completed all the odd jobbs like times.

Posted August 10, All save files were tested. All you gotta do is change his clothes and finish the street races. Posted June 12, Edited July 29 by lil weasel.

All [PC v1] Game Missions Save Files - Help & Support - GTAForums

Is there something i am doing wrong? Osiris i think posting any further info about the topic would be better off in the Troubleshooting forum.

Posted September 26,

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