Get on my level

As with other non-Lilwaynian Southern rap, remember that the rappers are principally focused on rhythm and voice. Now get on my level hoes Read Full Entry. Run around the motherfuckin' club! Trillville Neva Eva Official

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We too deep Nigga what!

SAYMYNAME's "Get On My Level" Gets Massive Remixes From Dack Janiels, SWAGE & More | Your EDM

Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution. Produced by Lil Jon. This entry has been rejected due to incompleteness or lack of notability. There are no images currently available. Hell nah never that I knew you wasn't real cause all ya do is mt Always slizzle-making Sure I stay gone Call us some broad to the Georgia Dome Trying to get with gef is like naps through a comb They call me Don P aka "Corleone" Up in the club with my Cartiers on Don't know if I'm high, drunk, or getting my roll on He on the cell "Can ya hear me?

Release Date November 4, Don't have an account? Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Lil Jon started his music career making muzak for black porn!

Get on my level ho What! Verified Artists All Artists: Lil Jon] What, uh What?!

Neva Eva (Get On My Level)

Dirty Mouth] Get the fuck back, get the fuck back already I ain't playing nann day Prove a nigga what you say Meet me anywhere, I don't care It don't matter to me Cause if you fucking step I'mma step in your vicinity What, you think I'm a ho?

We'll have things fixed soon. Like us on Facebook! In the post-match-interview where his team came out on top there was an arkward silence because of the shy nerds and Moon grabs the microphone and shouts "Get On My Level, Hoe!

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If a hater wanna hate then a hater getting bust We ain't hard to find, nigga, so why you steadily talking shit? Press 'i' to view the image gallery'v' to view the video galleryor 'r' kn view a random entry. Lil' Scrappy] Get crunk out your brains when I spit this verse I'm a blood-sucking vampire, my venom is worse Head Bustas deal with dangerous thirsts Shatter your bones in your chest in make your motherfuckin' heart burst Don't worry now, best of the South on the map Knock your thoughts out and leave your brains on your lap Don't touch my Kangol, shorty Lil Scrappy is an especially promising up-and-comer.

As with other non-Lilwaynian Southern rap, remember that the rappers are principally focused on rhythm and voice. Trillville Neva Eva Official Run around the motherfuckin' club!

I'm fixing to sick my dogs, ho Pussy nigga, get big, nigga-ho [Verse 4: Fun Factoids about Lil Jon:. No thanks, take me back to the meme zone!

Mike James – Get on my Level Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Lil Jon] When I see you duck Run around the motherfuckin' club! We see that you're using an ad-blocker! Bitch nigga, you can never ever, ever ever hang Bitch nigga step the fuck back, and if you think I'm jokin' Ask them niggas that tried to play us See 'em lying off in that coffin Trillville, ATL swanging, swanging, throwing bows Got some niggas that be hating busting slugs at my foes If you thinking you can fuck with a nigga like me Nah nigga, get rich Trillville and BME What the fuck you talking about?

LA] LA off in this thing, get up on my level, ho! Bitch nigga you can never ever Rank on my level, I push a Chevrolet pedal If you niggas fuck with me I got that chrome Heavy metal Never settle for less but always strive for the best Most these niggas playing chief will put you straight to the test [Chorus: This Meme is spreading like poison through the gaming genre and is soon to be seen all over the world. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. You ain't on my level Get some rank, bitch While I'm digging your grave with a shovel Time after time I ask myself Is it really clever for you to get with me?

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