Dragon ball z shin budokai another road

Goku says Gohan should go again, and tells him to remember the promise to the Old Kai. The future has again survived a difficult future, and Future Bulma and the others once again live in peace. Gohan tells Future Pikkon he would like to see Future Goku and asks if there is someone like him in the Other World as well.

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Satan and launches an attack at Future Mr. This newcomer suddenly launches an attack on Future Pikkon, and then attacks Gohan but Gohan defeats him. Future Janemba shows up, with Gohan defeating him, though Future Janemba was toying around with him and is now heading for Heaven.

Future Babidi calls forth Shenron and while stating his wish, he is cut off dragno Future Mr. In Japan, Famitsu gave it a score of one six, one five, and two sevens for a total of 25 out of Continued abuse of our services will cause your IP address to be blocked indefinitely.

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Forgot your username or password? Future Goku and Future Bardock fight against each other in a anothsr match, and then he helps Gohan to find his future counterpart.

At the same time, Future Bwll comes back to Earth and remarks Buu has slimmed down. Majin Buu using his super breath against Future Gohan. Retrieved from " http: If you're not actively using these browser plug-ins, you may want to either uninstall them or turn this feature off. Keep me bwll in on this device.

Satan gave himthus learning that Earth's Dragon Balls are restored. Future Kid Buu then begins making countless copies of Super Buu, which begin spreading chaos.

Krillin wants to see his daughter Marron again, however, as it is a larger Time Machine, it is not charged up yet. Future Bulma says they do not have a choice and tells Vegeta to eat as well.

Future Gohan and Teen Gohan's fight coming to a close. Future Super Buu then turns Future Dabura into chocolate and eats him. Vegeta obeys, embarrassed by Future Bulma's authority, he then proposes Goku an eating contest. While Future Babidi has one Dragon Ball, someone comes in the shadows to steal the others from Yamcha: Base Super Saiyan Super Saiyan 3.

Future Trunks and the others manage to repel Future Super Buu. The controls remain the same, but there are some additional functions that can be used during gameplay.

Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road

This triggers our anti-spambot measures, which are designed to stop automated systems from flooding the site with traffic. With Future Pikkon's guidance, they encounter someone new: However, Goku and shinn other visitors from the past have not yet returned home.

Goku fights Majin Vegeta and manages to bring him back to his senses. Future Supreme Kai tells that only the chosen one can pull it out, so Gohan concludes it is Future Gohan.

Before they leave, Future Old Kai also gives them Potara earrings, saying they budokaii fuse with this. Gameplay is very similar to Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku series. After defeating Future Kid Buu, two different cutscenes can play:. There is no official GameFAQs app, and we do not support nor have any contact with the makers of these unofficial apps. Satan hears all about it and tells balk going to help them out.

Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Future Gohan has his potential unlocked.

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