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Many characteristics are associated with an account and shared by all characters on an account. Each account can only receive 5,, coins per week through in-game mail or the Guild Vault. The amount you are allowed increases approximately one gold every 10 hours. As you continue to play, your account will be allowed to transfer higher values.

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Enter your original Wags Wars account name and password below to link your accounts. There is no discount available for those who purchased the original release prior to Augustor the previous expansion sbut you can trjal Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire together. There are three ways to purchase an upgrade: Some content is restricted until sufficient real-world time has passed.

As you continue to play, your account will be allowed to transfer higher values.

Each new account must select a home world as part of the initial setup. In order of decreasing access to content the different account types are:. A free account can currently be upgraded by purchasing the Guild Wars 2: Once both accounts are linked, your ArenaNet account information will be used to log in to both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.

Anomalies Game mechanics Glossary.

Both include a new serial code. Additionally, activation of a legacy " Heroic Edition " serial code will upgrade an account and lift all free-to-play restrictions without granting any expansion access.

This service is available in the Game Content section on the official My Account website.

The amount you are allowed increases approximately one gold every 10 hours. You trixl see references to 4 different account types with varying access to content. Some content is restricted until at least one character on the account has reached the minimum level requirement, after which all characters in the account have access, regardless of level.

Certain limitations apply to all accounts. Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate. Accounts can be linked to an original Guild Wars account and gain bonuses through the Hall of Monuments.

Multiple small amounts of gold can be transferred by new accounts guilc though equivalent large, single transfers are blocked. This bundle costs less than buying the two expansions separately. Accounts can be transferred to a different world guilf every 7 days, if the new trrial is not full. Retrieved from " https: The original Buy-to-Play business model has since been modified by the introduction of totally free accounts Play4Freewhich include restrictions.

The serial code can appear on the distribution media or sent digitally via email. Free accounts have a number of additional restrictions placed on them, with the intent of preventing malicious persons from using them to disrupt the game and to encourage purchase of the game.

Accounts are collections of characters associated with a single set of login credentials.

Account - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

This selection is only relevant when accessing World versus World. Additional limitations apply only to free accounts. Otherwise, there is a cost that is determined by the population of the new world.

If exceeded using in-game mail then when you hover over the "Take All" button", you may see:. Guild Wars 2 original accounts do not have access to Heart of Thorns expansion or Path of Fire expansion features. This serial code can be used to create a new account or upgrade an existing core or Play4Free account.

This transfer would exceed the total value of transfers allowed for new accounts. Contents 1 Account types 1. Heart of Thorns expansion or the Guild Wars 2:

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